If you are a frequent YouTube goer, especially not an English native, probably you have noticed a white box icon saying "CC" on the bottom right corner of on the video window. But do you know what is it and what it can do to YouTube video? Well, "CC" actually represents for "Closed Captions", which is what we call subtitles. To download such YouTube subtitles becomes an increasing need in today's society as people across countries embrace a broader attitude towards YouTube videos. This passage is here to meet your demands to download YouTube subtitle from YouTube the quickest way.

What Are the Common Formats of Subtitles

Before diving into downloading subtitles from YouTube, we should first have a basic understanding of the category and major formats of subtitles. It is known that subtitles are written text of the dialogue displayed usually on the bottom of the screen for the sake of helping people understand the play. Subtitles appear in the following three types, namely, Hard Subtitles, Prerendered Subtitles and Soft Subtitles.

Hard Subtitles

Hard Subtitles are those having been merged into one entity with the video itself. In other words, these subtitles are no longer an independent file, but have to be conveyed along with the video. So it is impossible to edit them again without destroying the video pictures.

Prerendered Subtitles

Prerendered Subtitles are separate video frames that are overlaid on the original video stream while playing, usually used on Blu-ray or DVD. You can turn them off or switch among the multiple languages.

Soft Subtitles or Closed subtitles

Soft Subtitles or Closed subtitles are a text separate from the video, usually marked up with timestamps to be displayed during playback. You are free to switch to different language subtitle and edit the file as you like.

To see if you can extract soft subtitles from YouTube, just check if the video's control area contains the "CC" box icon or check if the gear-shaped icon has subtitles that can be selected. If it does, then it will be very easy to download the subtitles from your favored YouTube video.

In fact, subtitles in a file also have different formats as is shown in the below picture.

Subtitle Formats

Formats Supported by YouTube Subtitles

But not all that is supported by YouTube. Currently, among the YouTube-supported subtitle formats, SRT (.srt) files are the basic and simplest one: they only require basic timing information and can be easily edited with any plain color text editor. Another favored format is .scc (Scenarist Closed Caption) for its exact representation of CEA-608 data. Other basic formats also accepted for upload by YouTube are: .sbg, ,sub, .mpsup, .lrc, and .cap.

Apart from basic formats which do not allow you to specify styling, YouTube also supports advanced subtitle formats, such as .smi, .sami , .rt, .vtt, ,dfxp, and .ttml, though the latter is discouraged to use.

How to Download YouTube Subtitles Within Clicks

Now, after learning the concept of subtitles and its types as well as formats, it's time for us to learn how to download YouTube CC subtitles with a simple YouTube subtitle downloader online. To download CC subtitles from YouTube within the easiest steps while demanding the best effects, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is the only solution.

As an all-in-one downloader to download YouTube videos and subtitles, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is based on the website and available for free. It is very efficient in grabbing any subtitle file off YouTube video online without the need to install a third-party program. Here are the minute procedures.

Note: Before downloading the YouTube video subtitles, please make sure the original video contains a separate subtitle file.

Step 1. Go to YouTube and play the video which contains the subtitles you want to download. Copy the video URL from the address bar of your browser.

Step 2. Head to VideoSolo Online Video Downloader homepage before entering the URL into the text box. Then hit "Download" to interpret the video link.

Enter the YouTube Video Link to Download Subtitles

Step 3. It will automatically pop up a new window where there are lists of video formats, audio formats and subtitle formats. Scroll down to the Subtitle Download section, and press the "Download" button to download YouTube video subtitles as you like.

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader Download Subtitle Formats

If you've made it this so far, have you got any idea of how to download subtitles from YouTube? With VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, the download task is quite easy and never requires an extra application or complicated operational procedures. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact us via email or comment below.