One of the biggest fun that YouTube provides for us is to watch all kinds of videos while making and uploading our own videos whenever we hold an iPhone or iPad in hand. Sometimes you may want to watch it later or offline, and may want to keep these nice videos on your smartphone like iPhone for convenient playback. But to your disappointment, you cannot directly download YouTube videos on your digital devices because of the restrictions from YouTube's terms and conditions. If you want to download YouTube to iPhone or iPad, you need some downloading tools for help.

In this article, we will introduce the quickest way that you have ever imagined to download YouTube Videos to iPhone. After you have tried it out, you can easily enjoy the YouTube videos without time and internet connecting restrictions.

A Quick Guide to Download YouTube Video to iPhone/iPad

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is such an advanced web-based downloader for you to grab video from YouTube in the quickest way. It is a breeze to use in YouTube downloading for having an ultra-simple operating interface. Within clicks, your favorite YouTube clips that used to be prevented from saving into your iPhone hard drive before now turn be a piece of cake. Proceed to read the simple steps on how to do it.

Step 1. Get "Documents" on Your iPhone

Before you use VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, you should first draw support from a program "Documents" from App Store on your iPhone. Install it safely and then activate the program. After that, search for inside "Documents" to open the main page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader.

Download Documents on APP Store

Step 2. Copy and Paste Video URL Link into the Program

Go to play the YouTube video you want to download and copy its link. Turn back to the page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader inside "Documents" and paste the link onto the insert box. Press "Download" to decode the link.

Copy and Paste YouTube Video URL

Step 3. Initiate Downloading YouTube to iPhone/iPad

Wait a few seconds and then scroll down the page to select the output format and quality. Click the "Download" button on the right column. Afterwards, it pops up a window where you make selections for the output folder in Documents. Finally, tap "Save" on the upper right corner and then enjoy the offline YouTube video on your iPhone/iPad.

Download Video From YouTube

Using VideoSolo Online Video Downloader assisted by Documents on iPhone or iPad can make YouTube downloading a breeze. But please keep in mind that there are rules about who can download videos from YouTube. You can download the video only for personal use. Hope you can get your need from this article.


VideoSolo Inovideo had been released, with the more powerful features and stable performance. Now, you can download YouTube videos on your computer and then transfer them to your iPhone/iPad.