What a fanatical DVD collector most feared, is that the precious or expensive DVD disc get scratched or damaged. So here's a suggested method that you should do to protect your DVD disc - backup DVD disc.

Here we don't mean to make a physical copy for DVD disc, but to make a digital copy. Of course, the digital copy will have the same resolution and video quality with the original DVD disc.

If you can backup your DVD to digital, then you can watch the DVD movie on portable devices at anytime, without the worry of damage and the inconvenience of the lack of DVD player. Do you want to do this? Follow the tutorial below.

How to Make a DVD Disc in Few Minutes

We have to find a DVD backup software before we start this process. And, today we pick the VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper as the example to backup DVD.

VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper is a recommended trustworthy DVD ripping software. It's a super easy, fast and powerful tool that extracts (rips) any DVD disc and convert it to your desired video format for backup.

Another reason that we recommend it is that you can select the 1080p and even 4K output, so you don't need to worry about any quality loss after back up your DVD. Today, you can download the free trial version to take a try.

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Note: Please make sure your computer drive can read DVD disc successfully before you use VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper to convert your DVD.

Step 1. Install VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

Get the installation package from the button above and then open it to install VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Load DVD Disc

Insert your DVD disc to computer hard drive and then click "Load Disc > Load BD Disc" to load the DVD source. The program will analyze your DVD for a few minutes. Just wait for the analyzing process to be done. Then you will see the movie files displayed on the screen like below.

Load DVD Disc

Step 3. Choose a Preferred Output Format

Once VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper has loaded your DVD you can now click the "Profile" and select the output format or device you need as your target from many different categories.

And, you can click "Settings" icon to change the subtitles, audio tracks and do advanced settings according to your needs.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Select an Output Directory

Navigate to the bottom of the main interface and click the "Browse" or "Open Folder" icon to specify the folder on your hard drive where the program should save the converted DVD files.

Select Output Format

Step 5. Start to Convert DVD to Digital File

When you have finished the above settings, just click on the big "Convert" button and VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper will start to backup your DVD files.

Select Output Format

After the process finished, you can choose to back up the converted DVD file to USB, Cloud or hard drive. It's all depends on your need.

DVD used to be a good storage for saving files. But now the one big problem that people are just beginning to face is the lifespan of DVD backups and compatibility. Digitized files can be better stored/classified. They will never get scratched, aged and damaged. Best of all, the playback is more flexible, not limited to DVD players.

Now, it's time to download VideoSolo DVD Ripper and start converting your DVD disc to digital for backup.