"Is there any way to help me shrink DVD9 to DVD5? I would like to store the content in DVD9 into a blank DVD5 disc. Have tried several tools but none succeeded."

Generally speaking, shrink DVD9 to DVD5 is hard to be achieved. But don't worry, it can be easily accomplished as long as you adopt a professional DVD ripper which is capable of transferring DVD9 movies to DVD5 disc.

Before converting DVD9 to DVD5, it would be wise to firstly figure out what DVD9 and DVD5 is and what's the difference between them. In general, there are many kinds of DVD discs, like DVD5, DVD9, DVD10 and DVD18, while the DVD5 and DVD9 are the two most popular DVD types used by DVD users.

DVD Infographic

Part 1. DVD9 VS. DVD5

DVD9 and DVD5 has many differences in the following aspects, you can have a look at the table below.

DVD Disc types
Basic nature
Earlier version, Single sided, single layered
Advanced version, Single sided, double layered
4.7 GB
8.5 GB
Video Minutes
About 120-133 minutes
About 240 minutes
Video quality
Supporting formats
Play features
Can be used on DVD-ROMs & DVD burners
Can be used on DVD-ROMs & DVD burners
Reusable & Rewriteable (Y/N)

Now we are well aware of the storage of DVD5 and DVD9. Compared with DVD9, the biggest advantage for DVD5 is much cheaper and can be reused,   Therefore, many people intend to shrink DVD9 to DVD5. However, it cannot be neglected while converting DVD9 to DVD5, or copying dual layer DVD to single layer DVD which will result in a degradation of video quality. Inevitably, the audio quality will be decreased as well.

So what you need is a powerful DVD9 to DVD5 converter which can preserve contents to a great extent by retaining high output quality.

Part 2. How to Convert DVD9 to DVD5 Effortlessly with the Best Software

Among the numerous kinds of software, VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper is a feasible DVD/BD backup program that is able to convert any non-protected or copy-protected movies to computer hard drive, shrink and compress any double-layer DVD9 movie to a DVD5 disc with all protections removed automatically.

With its diverse features and smart buttons, the steps to get a personalized DVD5 movies from DVD9 are very simple, even a novice can handle the process in a hassle free manual. Besides that, It can help you rip DVD or Blu-ray movies to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Devices, etc. Check the following detailed steps to know how to convert DVD9 to DVD5 with lossless quality.


Before the conversion, DVD-ROM drive, Internet connection, enough hard drive space and a black DVD5 disc are required.

Step 1. Load DVD9 Disc to VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

After downloading the program on your PC, install and launch it. Insert the target DVD9 disc in the DVD drive of your computer, the program can recognize your DVD automatically. Then click "Load Disc > Load DVD Disc" button to import DVD9 disc into this program for converting DVD9 to DVD5. You can load DVD discs, DVD folders and DVD IFO files as you like. When it finishes loading, you can also simply click any title or chapter to preview.

Load Disc

Step 2. Select Output Format

By clicking "Profile" drop-down button, you can choose the DVD5 supported format from over 300 video output formats, including MP4, VOB, MPEG-2, AVI, MKV, WMV, M4V, MOV, FLV.

General Video

Step 3. Edit Target Video (Optional)

This program allows you to clip, crop, rotate, add 3D or watermark to the videos. What's more, you can also adjust other effects like brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the video. Besides, you can click "Settings" icon to customize video and audio parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate as well as audio bitrate, sample rate, etc.


Step 4. Set Target Folder for Output

Click "Browse" or "Open Folder" button to set target destination to save output profile on your hard drive.

Select Destination Folder

Step 5. Start Ripping DVD9 Movies

After finishing the above settings, you just click "Convert" button to begin your task. This program will show a progress bar that you can find how much of the process has been completed, and how much there is left to go.

Ripping DVD

Step 6. Copy DVD9 to DVD5

When the conversion is done, now you can insert a new blank DVD5 disc to the drive and copy the converted video to it. The DVD9 to DVD5 backup will be finished in a few minutes. Then you can share your copies with your friends or just keep it for collection. It's all up to you.

That's all tutorial about how to shrink DVD9 to DVD5. With the Magic VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper, the whole process is more flexible and personal, more crucially, it can retain the maximum quality of source DVD9 movies. It is definitely the right tool for you. Let's begin shrink dvd9 to dvd5!