Before, we made a series of tutorial for how to create a stunning video with VideoSolo EditFUN. And today, we will talk about the final step - How to export video from EditFUN.

I know it's a waste of time for the experienced users. But for some green hands, it's necessary! So, you can choose to read this guide according to your need.

The supported output formats by VideoSolo EditFUN are listed below:

EditFUN Support Output Format

Video format

.mp4, .avi, .mov, .flv

Gif format


Audio format

.mp3, .wav, .flac

Currently, VideoSolo EditFUN only support output video with these formats. If you have to export video to other unsupported format, you can get help with a video converter to convert to the format you desired.

Now, let's going to the topic.

After you finish all the editing steps, click on "Export" button on the menu bar and a pop-up window will appear.

Export Files

Next, we will go through the options on this window one by one.

1. You can rename the video and change the location on your computer where you save it. For changing the output format, click the drop-down icon and select you need from the list.

2. There are 3 output speed options: Fast (Low quality), Normal (Normal Quality) and Slow (High Quality).

3. The remaining options are the parameter of a video such as "Resolution", "Aspect Ratio", "Frame Rate", etc. You can adjust their values according to your need.

It is best to export your video with the same settings as your original video. After you finish these settings, click on "Export" button on this window. Immediately, this program will start to export your video creation with another pop-up window.

Export Files


• The size of the video depends on the length of the project and the bit rate. If the file size looks too big, you can try changing the bit rate in the Settings window to make it smaller.

• The output speed depends on various factors including file size, computer performance, etc. Please be patient.

If you encountered problems when exporting video from EditFUN, contact the support team via [email protected] We will work hard to improve this program and welcome all the advice from user.

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