FireFox Screen Recorder: Record What's on Computer

By Karen Nelson Last updated : February 28, 2020

FireFox has become one of the most widely used Internet browsers as times go by. It is quick and can provide users a secure and safe web browsing environment. With the increasing number of FireFox users, there is also an increasing need for the FireFox screen recorder, which users would like to record streaming video or audio as well as other page contents or web manipulation.

Therefore, whatever you want to record in FireFox, you need some FireFox screen recorders or recording add-ons to help you capture the computer screen activity. Let's take a look at the best FireFox screen recorder and several alternative recording plugins to record your FireFox computer screen.

The Awesome FireFox Screen Recorder - VideoSolo Screen Recorder

The most directly method to record screen of FireFox is to use a FireFox Screen Recorder. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a trustable screen recorder for FireFox which can capture any computer screen activities include online and streaming video from YouTube, Viemo, BBC and Facebook which doesn't offer download option, gameplay video and helpful video tutorial. In addition, you can edit your videos with multiple editing functions to highlight the important part. Moreover, you can save such FireFox browser activities in various formats with high quality.

# Step 1. Select Recording Area for FireFox

Download and install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer. After launching the program, choose "Video Recorder" then go to the recording main interface. Adjust a suitable recording area for the FireFox.

Select Recording Area

# Step 2. Choose Output Format

Before recording, you are able to choose the output file format. Click on the "Settings" icon, and you can adjust the output format and output quality of the video as well as other factors.

Choose Output Format

# Step 3. Record Videos on FireFox

Now, you can click on "REC" to record the video on FireFox. During your recording, you can add some annotation to the screen to highlight some important parts, make other editions or record images on FireFox. If all the work done, click the "Stop" button to save the video.

Record FireFox Video

Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the video, you can locate your video to a suitable file and enjoy it at anytime. With just few clicks, VideoSolo Screen Recorder can easily help you record FireFox streaming videos and other computer screen on FireFox.

Top 3 FireFox Screen Recording Add-ons

Except such FireFox screen recorder, there are numbers of FireFox screen capture add-ons for you to choose. No need to download any applications, you can directly capture any FireFox screen activities.

# 1. Nimbus Screen Capture

Nimbus Screen Capture is a FireFox screen recorder add-on which can take screen capture of FireFox web page and you can select area and even edit such screenshots. It also allows you to capture the whole webpage of the FireFox.


  1. You can capture the whole web page or certain area of the FireFox browser.

  2. Edit the recording screens with annotation tools.


  1. This add-on is not very stable.

  2. Its Select and Scroll feature doesn't work well.

# 2. Screencastify

Screencastify is the easiest way to capture screen for FireFox, and it is also suitable for Chrome users. Firstly add such add-on to the FireFox and simply click on Record to start recording. Besides, you are able to add your own voice to the recording video with the microphone.


  1. Capture the entire desktop, current browser or your webcam.

  2. You can record the FireFox offline until you want to upload the video.


  1. It is not very stable when recording on FireFox.

  2. Cannot work with FireFox Quantum and other FireFox versions.

# 3. ShareX

ShareX is a free and open source extension that enable you to capture or record any area of your FireFox screen. It allows you to capture with full screen, web page or region with different shapes. You can edit the screen with annotation tools and save it to share with others.


  1. Capture screens with multiple regions.

  2. Equip with a few simple productivity tools like screen color picker.


It is limited to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

All in all, the above FireFox Screen Recorder and screen recording add-ons can help you complete the FireFox recording job. The most recommended FireFox Screen Recorder is VideoSolo Screen Recorder for its powerful and professional recording functions, which can meet all users' needs. If you are just confused in such a situation, why download VideoSolo Screen Recorder and try it yourself. This program will never let you down.