The 3GP format used to be the traditional one that is merely applied on the phone, while with the rapid development of information technology, people would not satisfy with the only 3GP format anymore. Therefore, it is of great significance to convert the 3GP format to any other formats for the better match the video quality and make it more convenient. And there is a great program that will satisfy you, which is the VideoSolo Free Video Converter, with this free converter, you are able to convert 3GP videos to other forms or from other forms to 3GP losslessly. Now let me guide you on how to do it.

A Brief Introduction to 3GP Format

3GP format is a multimedia container format defined by the Three Generation Project for 3G UMT multimedia services. It can be divided into two standards: 3GPP, with the file extension of .3gp, and 3GPP2, with the extension of .3g2. These two standards refer to 3rd Generation Partnership Project and 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 respectively. The 3GP format is mainly used for 3G-enable cellular phones, therefore, if you want to open it on your computer sometimes, it maybe fail to do so. That is why I strongly recommend you to try the free converter: VideoSolo Free Video Converter.

How to Convert 3GP to MP4 Format

Step 1. Download and install the VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Free download VideoSolo Free Video Converter, then install the utility. After that, open it on PC to enter the main interface.


Step 2. Add the 3GP files to the VideoSolo Free Video Converter

You are able to select one 3GP file or multiple files or a folder to the converter for batch conversion.

 Add the 3GP Files

Step 3. Edit the selected 3GP file

In this part, you can select the theme to modify your video file, and after selecting your favorite theme, you are able to edit the opening and ending title and also can type your name into the "Author" blank for creation protection. After finished, you can click the "Next" button to check the effect and then the "Save" icon to go on.

Edit 3GP Files

Step 4. Select an output format (MP4 for example)

Click the drop-down bar of the "Output format", for instance, you can choose the MP4 format or any other format you like. If you are operating the batch conversion, then you can click the "Apply to all" icon for convenience.

Select Output Format

Step 5. Convert the 3GP file to other formats (MP4 for example)

Before conversion, you can also change the destination to save the converted video without effort to look for in the default folder. Then click the "Convert" icon to start converting, a few minutes later, you will get the MP4 format converting from the 3GP file. Have a try!

Conversion Finished

Have you got the general idea about the aforementioned steps of how to convert 3GP to other format or how to convert other formats to 3GP via the VideoSolo Free Video Converter? Have you ever tried to figure out the advantage or disadvantages of 3GP? Why you use it or why you have to convert it? Now let me simply brief you some merits and demerits of 3GP. Here we go.



- 3GP is a simplified version compared to the MP4 format  

- Smaller in size and more convenient to view videos on the phone

- Upload and download the 3GP files faster with a small footprint

- Low-resolution

- Low frame rate

- Worse compatibility

Is that clear? Above all, with the VideoSolo Free Video Converter, you can convert 3GP videos losslessly and most importantly, it is free! Hope you guys like the free converter and share it with your friends. Enjoy your time.