Nowadays, screen recording plays a significant role in people's work and life as it can help us create innovative desktop tutorials, educational lectures, how-tos, and gameplay, etc. But newbies in recording always find their recorded videos annoyingly watermarked. To help you avoid encountering such a problem, this article has listed several free screen recorders without watermark for you. Keep reading to find the most suitable one.

TOP 4. OBS Studio- A Free Feature-packed Open Source Video Software

OBS Studio for Free Recording without watermark

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is an open source feature-packed freeware. As a powerful provider of desktop recording and live streaming services, it is well designed to grab webcam and desktop footage along with system sound and Microphone audio with ease. It helps users to enrich, convert and produce multimedia content on Windows or Mac. With no watermark and other restrictions and limitations, it allows you to freely enjoy all the necessary functions of desktop recording, particularly useful for gamers. Nevertheless, it is not so easy in use as other free screen recording apps.


• The full recording features together with live streaming functions for free use

• Totally restriction-free

• Great selections of source options

• Excellent video and audio editing supported


• User-unfriendly with a plain-looking interface

• Too complicated for newbies to use

• Meagre assistance and guidance

TOP 3. iSpring Free Cam- An All-in-one Computer Desktop Recorder

iSpring Free Cam for Without Watermark

iSpring Free Cam is the best free desktop recorder for Windows with a full set of features and no watermark. It incorporates various region modes, including capturing the entire screen and an active window, which is convenient for capturing a specific running program. It enables you to add depth to your recording by incorporating your voice during recording with system sound. Yet, it is a pity that it does not include webcam grabbing. It also offers a built-in video editor which empowers you to remove background noise, trim the unnecessary ends as well as polish your video.


• 100% of the features for free.

• No time limit

• The Highlight of the mouse pointer and mouse sound

• A surprisingly large amount of video and audio editing capabilities to fine-tuned recorded screencasts

• Output of HD format (up to 720p or 1080p)


• Excluding webcam recording

• Text adding features unavailable

• Export only as WMV, or directly to YouTube, and only at 15fps

TOP 2. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder- the Best Online Recording

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recorder available without watermark. It includes most of the basic features on its intuitive interface. You are free to insert webcam onto your recording screen along with system sound and/or microphone sound. Full screen or a customized recording region is available and depends on your content. Apart from being an online recording tool, it is also developed into a standalone program for Mac and Windows users to download.


• Free for most basic features

• No limit in length of the recording

• Simple interface for users to operate

• Real-time stickers and text implementation during recording for capturing your own reactions

• Simple clip-trimming after recording

• A built-in schedule tasker to set up captures at a specific time and automate shut-downs

• An inherent converter to transfer different video formats

• Free Website-based screen recorder available


• Limited region modes for the free version, such as lacking "Follow the Mouse" mode to capture the area around the mouse, or a mode to quickly specify recording area within a few clicks.

• No callouts available for Free version, which is particularly inconvenient for tutorials.

TOP 1. A Paying-off Professional Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder without Watermark

VideoSolo Screen Recorder stands out as the best desktop screen recorder with full recording features. With it, you are allowed to produce watermark-free screen and webcam recording, which can not only include the sound of your PC but also your own voice through Microphone. You can freely choose area selection modes, including selecting a certain active window and following your mouse. Text, annotations, callouts adding is supported together with screenshots during capturing.

Meanwhile, you can also schedule a recording task ahead of time to automate starts and shutdowns. Besides video recorder, it can separately act as a webcam recorder, audio recorder as well as a screenshot tool. It offers different interfaces for Mac and Windows users, yet their features are almost the same. Its trial version is completely free and has the full same features as a licensed one except for a limitation.


• Sleek interface for ease of use

• Feature-packed for recording

• Scheduled tasks available

• Annotation adding, cursor highlighting, and screenshots during recording

• Output as many popular video formats of high quality, such as MP4, WMV, etc.


• The free version has a time limit that restricts each clip of fewer than 3 minutes. (Pro version can tackle this problem.)

Hope the pros and cons of watermark-free screen recorders listed above can really help you find the one you love and make your recording more convenient and efficient. If you want to supplement the list and make some suggestions, feel free to contact us via email or comment below.