A freeze frame is a single frame of a video that repeats for some time, creating an illusion of pausing the video. You can freeze a video to emphasis an action or add some captions to explain things to the viewer.

Freezing a video can give your more possibility to create a video like movies. Want to know how to create this effect? Learn how to do it in this guide.

Tool You Need to Finish the Guide:

We need a handy tool to add the freeze frame effect to video. VideoSolo EditFUN is the tool we share today. Get it from the button below.

Step 1. Import Video to EditFUN

• Click "Import" button.

• Drag and drop the video from the computer to the media library.

• Double click the mouse on the media library.

Step 2. Freeze A Frame

After adding the video in timeline, you need to:

1. Move the cursor to the position where you want to freeze the frame.

2. Right-click on the video and it will pop up a menu with the option "Freeze Frame".

3. Select "Freeze Frame" and then the frame will be extend some time.

Freeze Frame

Step 3. Preview the Effect

In the preview panel, you can preview the effect after freezing the frame. You can continue to edit this frame to make it better, like add transition, change the color filter, etc.


EditFUN provides many other features that can help you create a good video. You can take some time to explore more amazing features or just directly export your video by clicking "Export" button. That's all.