The "Group" feature of EditFUN means that you can pack several clips into a group. Why this video editor - EditFUN provides this feature?

Sometime, you have to continue editing other clips when you finished edit a sequence with the effects, music, etc. But to avoid moving these edited clips accidentally in the later editing process, you can packed them into a group.

Now, follow me to see how to group the clips in timeline of EditFUN.

1. Multiselect the clips and right-click them > choose "Group". Then these clips will be packed into one group.

Tip: To select multiple clips in timeline, hold down [Ctrl], and then click the clips you want to select.


2. As shown on in pictures below, groups can be packed again.

Group Again

3. Right-click the group > choose "Cancel Group", the packed clips will return to the original state, no matter how many time it has been grouped before.

Cancel Group

This is a good feature that you can use when you do the video editing. If you have problems about the usage of VideoSolo EditFUN, read their user guide carefully. Thanks for reading this guide!