First, we know that the VideoSolo EditFUN is a full-featured video editor,which can make your video more stunning. So, we have to import the video, audio or image files to the program, then we can edit them. And this is the topic that we are go to talk about today.

Before we start the importing, let's check the supported file formats of VideoSolo EditFUN:

Support Input Format

Video format

MPEG-1/2 format: (.mpg, .mpeg)

MPEG-4 format: (.mp4, .m4v)

QuickTime format: (.mov, .hdmov)

Camcorder format: (.dv, .mod, .tod, .mts, .m2ts, .m2t)

Flash format: (.flv, .f4v)

Windows Media format: (.wmv, .asf)

Audio Visual Interleave format: (.avi)

Matroska format: (.mkv encoder: H.264, MPEG 4, MJPEG)

HTML5 format: (.mp4, .webm)

Unencrypted DVD format: (.vob, .dv, .hdv)

Other video formats: rmvbm2t9gp9g2divxmtsmpvmxfts

Audio format

.mp3, .wav, .wma, .aac, .m2p, .m4a

Image format

.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tga, .pbm

If you file format is not in this list, you can get help from VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate to change the file format (It doesn't support image format conversion yet).

3 Easy Methods to Import Files into EditFUN's Media Library

There are 3 ways to import media files into EditFUN.

Note that the media library is divided into 3 sections: Video, Image, Audio to help users organize media files better. After importing files, you can only find them in their corresponding section.

Way 1. Click "Import video to media library" button on the menu bar. Then you'll have 2 choice: "Import a file" and "Bulk import". To import files in batch, just select "Bulk import" option.

Import Media File

Way 2. Double clicks in the media library and then you can select the file from your computer. But in this way, you can only import files one by one.

Import Media Files

Way 3. Drag and drop the files from your folder into the media library.

Import Media Files

That's all for importing files into VideoSolo EditFUN. Any other question about the program usage, leave it below or contact the support team.