Savior of Low-resolution Video: Increase Video Resolution with a Video Quality Enhancer

By Karen Nelson Last updated : August 15, 2021

Maybe you have encountered similar problems: you need to create a Full HD video to fulfill the device standard but the source video materials are only HD. So, how to increase the finished video resolution and enhance the video quality at the same time? If you have the patience to read the following context, you'll get the best answer. This guide will show you how to upscale the video resolution with the easiest way, as well as how to enhance video quality. Now let's go on.

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A Misunderstanding: Increase Video Resolution Will Improve Video Quality

By simply turning up the video resolution, the video quality cannot be improved. You just can't add extra quality. Let us imagine, simply increasing the video resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160 is just like copying the blurred pixels from one to four. The converted video file will certainly become much larger in size, but that does not help to improve the video quality.

Since it is so, is that mean when you convert lower resolution video to higher resolution video, there is nothing you can do to make the video quality better? That's not true. With the help of a video enhancer, for example, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, it can automatically enhance the flaw in your video when upscaling the video resolution.

In the following part, I will introduce VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and show how to use it to increase video resolution. Meanwhile, how to make the video quality better.

A Detailed Guide to Increase Video Resolution and Get Better Video Quality

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate has a video enhancer which offers four kinds of means to improve video quality as follows:

• When increasing the video quality from a lower one to 720P/1080P/4K, it will optimize each frame by extracting the most detailed information from adjacent frames.

• Adjust brightness and contrast automatically to create a more delightful video.

• Remove video noises and make your video more clear.

• Reduce shaking motions in your videos.

With this AI-based video enhancer, you can get better video quality while upscaling the video resolution. Feel free to download the free trial version and launch the program. The following procedures can be performed if you want to get a satisfactory result.

# Step 1. Go to "Video Enhancer"

At the top menu, go to "Toolbox" tab and choose "Video Enhancer" from the 5 options. Then the build-in Video Enhancer will be opened and shown a clear interface like below. You need to click the "+" button to add the video that you're desired to increase the resolution and enhance the quality.

Note: You can only add 1 video file to increase the resolution at one time.

Load Video File

# Step 2. Improve Video Quality with the Built-in Quality Enhancer

After loading the video files, you could view different options to enhance your video quality on the main window: upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking.

To get superb video quality when increasing the video resolution, you should at least choose "Upscale resolution". You can also select all the options to enhance your video quality.

Improve Video Quality

On the bottom, you can choose the output video format and change the original video resolution to a higher one. In addition, you can click the "Preview" button to preview the video to check whether you're satisfied with it.

Increase the Resolution to a High Level

Finally, click the "Enhance" button to change a low resolution video to high resolution.

Extra Features of This Video Enhancer

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is not only a video enhancer. It acts as a comprehensive video tool with various functions like:

Convert video between 300+ different kinds of video/audio formats.

• Customize your own video files with its powerful built-in video editor.

• Give a multi-functional toolbox to make 3D video, edit metadata info, create GIF, etc.

• Making MV and video collage with 50+ built-in templates. You can create a unique video by yourself.


VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a smart tool to increase video resolution and improve video quality. With this program, you can get a video that meets the resolution requirements, and the video quality is also improved. After having read the whole text, whether the solution I've offered could make you itch to have a go? I'm eager to hear your opinions.