How could I increase video resolution from 720p to 1080p to enhance my favorite video quality? Can I increase the resolution or video size to get better video quality? Could I convert some common videos to the videos with higher resolution?

If you happen to encounter the problem of increasing video resolution to enhance video quality and have the patience to read the following context, you'll get the best solution. Today, this guide will show you how to upscale the video resolution with the easiest way. Now let's go on.

A Quick Guide for Knowing Video Resolution

What's the resolution? It is usually defined as the number of pixels per unit of the area appeared on a screen. As an outsider of video knowledge, maybe you would ask: Would you mind explaining a bit more specifically?

An example here would help to clarify what I mean. It's commonly held that 720p as HD resolution contains 1280 x 720 pixels. Now a growing number of people recognize increasing resolution as effective means for enhancing video quality. The solution that I would introduce next would help you enhance video quality with higher resolution easily. The program could help you upscale 480p to 720p/1080p/4K, and many more.

Follow the steps below to enhance your video quality at least 50%.

Video Enhancer to Get Better Video Quality

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate could offer four different kinds of means for you to improve video resolution as follows:

• Upscale resolution to upscale 480p to 720p/1080p/4K easily

• Adjust brightness and contrast automatically to create more delightful video

• Remove video noises and make your video more clear

• Reduce shaking motions in your videos

Guide to Increase Video Resolution to Improve Video Quality

Free download the trial version and launch the program freely. The following procedures could be performed if you want to get your satisfactory result.

Step 1. Load Video Files

At the top menu, click the "Add File" button to add the videos that you're desired to enhance the quality. And then click "Video Enhance" at the same interface to activate the video enhancement window where different kinds of video effects displayed.

Load Video Files

Step 2. Increase Video Resolution to Improve Video Quality

You could view different options to enhance your video quality on the right side of the window: upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking.

Please check off before you decide to click the "Apply" button to enhance your video quality. If you want to increase the video resolution, then you should choose "Upscale resolution." You could also click the "Apply to All" button to upscale video resolution of many video files only one simple click.

Improve Video Quality

As we all know, the visual experience of the resolution and content is part of the enjoyment of these videos. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate could help you to increase video resolution without losing quality to enhance video quality so as to offer a better representation of screen video.

The concept of people's watching videos is changing and they look forward to more authentic and deeper enjoying experience. After having read the whole text, if the solution I've offered could make you itch to have a go? Please inform me since that I'm eager to hear your opinions.

Extra Features of this Video Enhancer

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is not only a Video Enhancer. It acts as a comprehensive video tool with various functions like:

• Convert video between different kinds of video/audio formats.

• Convert common SD/HD video to 4K video formats with quality improved.

• Rip DVD movies for watching on Plex, Xbox One, Apple TV, etc.

• Customize your own video files with its powerful built-in editor.