VideoSolo Screen Recorder for Mac is able to record screen, webcam video, system audio, and microphone audio on Mac. The installation and uninstallation process is quite simple. Just follow this step-by-step guide to make sure VideoSolo Screen Recorder well installed on your Mac or deleted on your Mac completely.

How to Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder for Mac

Step 1. Download the Mac version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder on the product page or here.

Step 2. Open the install package (screen-recorder.dmg) and then run VideoSolo Screen Recorder.pkg. There will be a window pop up and said it is from an unidentified developer. But don't worry, VideoSolo program is safe. Please follow How to Open a Mac App from an Unidentified Developer and then start to install VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

Identify VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 3. Follow the instructions in the program to install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your Mac.

Installing VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 4. The installation was completed successfully.

Installed VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 5. Now you can launch the program to capture all the screen activities on your Mac.

Launch VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Uninstall VideoSolo Screen Recorder on Mac Completely

Step 1. Find VideoSolo Screen Recorder in "Applications", right-click on it, and then move it to trash.

How to: "Finder"-"Applications"-"VideoSolo Screen Recorder"-"Move to Trash".

Move Videosolo Screen Recorder to Trash

Step 2. There will be a window pop up for you entering the password to allow this. Enter your password and then click on "OK", VideoSolo Screen Recorder will be deleted on your Mac.

Finder Move Videosolo Screen Recorder to Trash

Step 3. If you also want to uninstall Screen Recorder Audio Drive plug-in that comes from VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can delete the "" folder in your Macintosh drive.

How to: "Finder"-"10.10.5"-"Library"-"Audio"-"Plug-Ins"-"HAL"-delete "".

Finder Location Mac

Delete Audio Drive Mac

Step 4. Restart your Mac, you will find the Screen Recorder Audio Drive has already removed in your Mac system.

Delete Screen Recorder Audio Drive

That's all for installing and uninstalling VideoSolo Screen Recorder on Mac. Any other questions about the program, drop a comment below or contact the support team.