Handbrake is well known in converting video and audio for free charging and fast speed in many users. However, this open source converter raises peoples concerns for its 1.0.7 dmg, which is complained by users that with Trojan, the unknown malicious file. This news scared lots of people, and you may even want to figure out:

"if Hankbrake safe to download and use?"

"Are there malware and virus in the download link?"

"How to use Handbrake in save way?"


You can easily find these questions asked on Reddit. The frequent asked questions mean that there is value here we discuss the safe question of Handbrake for users. To help you better understand Handbrake and eliminate your puzzle, this article will tell you how to use Handbrake in a safe way.

Is Handbrake Safe or Not?

First, the download link of Handbrake. Actually, just make sure you are download the program from its official page, in most situation, there is no worry about the malware or virus. To set a double protection of your device, you can also install a safeguard program before download Handbrake. And Handbrake will be scanned before installation. But as Handbrake is a reputable website, most people will ignore this important step. So be careful when you download it.

Second, it's about the converting process of Handbrake. When converting video or audio files, Handbrake usually occurs audio sync error, or crashes when converting MKV. These are the most common issues, which may harm to the device if you try a lot. The worries are reasonable, so measures should be taken to prevent problems from happening. Probably you need to check the version of the program, or adjust the setting.

Best Handbrake Alternative

VideoSolo Free Video Converter is similar function to Handbrake, but with higher video output quality and professional conversion as well as stable operating process. Last but not least, this program is safe and always with service support to help you, no matter for the problems you are using, or any question in the aspect of technique. No malware, no virus, no ads, but powerful and save. You can convert to 300+ video/audio formats for any devices such as Samsung, Apple TV, Sharp, HTC, Google, Sony, LG and other mobile phones and portable devices. Where can you find a perfect free converter like this?

Thus let's see how to use it!

Step 1. Import Video/Audio Files

After free download the program, you are able to import video files or folder. Click on the "Add File" button or drag and drop the video files to the program interface.

Add Video/Audio Files

Step 2. Choose the Targeted Output Format

Select the output format as you want to convert. This program supports over 300 formats for almost existing devices. So you can choose any format without the concern of incompatibility.

Select an Output Format

Step 3. Start Conversion

Click "Convert" button to start the converting progress and after a short time you will get the output video file in the folder you preset before. You can choose to batch convert or convert them one by one. What's more, you also combine several clips into one video.

Start Conversion

To sum up, Handbrake is no denying that enables you to convert videos with convenience, especially for those  users only need to convert once or twice. But as a stable and reliable choice like VideoSolo Free Video Converter, can bring you much enjoyable experience. Compared with both free converters, the later is clearly a better option.