YouTube as a free popular video sharing website, it fills people's life with joy. Not only can you watch various funny videos made by others, but also you can upload your videos for sharing. Except for enjoying the videos online, people are expecting to download and watch these videos offline. However, this also leads to a concerned problem if it is legal to do so. And all of this is caused by copyright. According to Google's terms of service, it is legal to download videos only with built-in download links.

In fact, there are many people downloading some so-called "illegal" videos via lots of third-party software. In a way, I think we first should not put too much stress on the word "illegal". But one more thing for sure is that you should ensure the downloaded YouTube videos are only for personal use, not for business. Therefore, it all depends whether it is legal to download YouTube videos. Don't worry, I will tell you how to do it legally.>

Part 1. How to Download YouTube Videos Online

To download YouTube videos online, you can use VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. It claims that copyrighted content is under great protection here. So whether your videos are legal or illegal to be downloaded can be tested here. With it, you can download both legal video and audio files from YouTube. Moreover, you can convert them to different formats and in different quality. And let's see how it works.

Step 1. Paste Link

Open the the Home Page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader with the browser and copy the YouTube video link and paste it in the blank place, then click "Download".

Paste Link

Step 2. Choose Target Format and Desired Quality

After the first step, you can see the information as the below picture. And you are free to choose your target format and desired quality.

Change Target Format

Step 3. Download YouTube Videos

Once you change the settings above, you can simply click "Download" in the right to start it.

Alright, it is all about how to download YouTube videos online with VidPaw Video Downloader Online. You can see it is pretty easy to do that, only three simple steps that you can download the YouTube videos you want. By the way, if you are looking forward to making videos better and more portable, you should try VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. They are great partners to each other.

Part 2. Edit YouTube Videos via VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one utility, which can be used to convert and edit videos. For converting, you can convert videos to more than 300 formats with 6X faster speed, no loss in quality. When it comes to editing, it won't disappoint you too. I'm sure you will love it if you try it. Let's take a look at it.

(Preparation: Download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and install it in your computer)

Step 1. Add YouTube Files

Press the "Add File(s)" button to add YouTube videos to the program. Or you can just drag them to it.

Add Files

Step 2. Edit YouTube Videos

Tick the videos you want to edit. Then click "Edit" and choose the function. The editing zone is shown as below, and you can choose to rotate, crop, effect, enhance and add watermark to the videos and so on.

Edit Videos

Step 3. Select Output Format

Back to the initial interface, you can now select the right format for your devices. Go to "Profile" and press the drop-down button to select output format.

General Video

Step 4. Select Destination Folder

Click "Browse", so you can change the default storing folder to another one.

Select Destination Folder

Step 5. Convert Videos

After finishing all the settings above, you can now press "Convert" on the bottom right to start the conversion. As I mentioned above, 6X faster speed here can help the program shorten the conversion time.

Converting Videos

Now you are done here to edit videos with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. Same as VidPaw Video Downloader Online, it is a piece of cake to master it. Most importantly, it satisfies all your needs at one time, from converting to editing. If you are a perfectionist for high expectations, you deserve to own VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

All in all, if you are still upset whether it is legal to download YouTube Videos, VideoSolo can help you solve this problem. Whichever can be downloaded there means it is legal, unless it would be in the blacklist. With a good partner, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, the downloaded videos would be more eyeable. You will get to know what I mean when you use them together. Hope you have a good time.