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If you are suffering from such problems that KeepVid can't work any more, you can find a solution in today's article.

Bad News - KeepVid Close Online Download Service

There is no doubt that KeepVid remains its position in downloading video from YouTube long after it was launched. The reason is simple, KeepVid is free and effective. However, recently more than a few users claim troubles when running KeepVid, and these troubles listed above are just the most common examples we can see online.

This is because KeepVid shut down the downloading function because of an unknown reason recently. So, users can't download YouTube videos through KeepVid website now. As a result, if you want to download YouTube videos, you may need to look for an effective alternative instead of relying on KeepVid only. Focusing on the troubles and fixing them are our main target on this post. With the detailed information, we offer the best KeepVid alternative to you, and then? You can download YouTube videos freely again. Let's see how to make it below!

Review: The Best KeepVid Alternative - VideoSolo Online Video Downloader

Frankly we have noticed these KeepVid problems for a long time, and after testing various sites that possess the similar function to KeepVid, we draw a conclusion on which is the best alternative. That is VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. This fast and safe site brings lots of surprises to us. It can perfectly download online videos. Keep checking how useful it is.

What Is VideoSolo Online Video Downloader:

Although VideoSolo Online Downloader is later developed than KeepVip, it has completed functions which are even better than KeepVip. So it can be regarded as the best HD video and audio downloading service. Once you go to its website, a simple and clear web page will appear. It provides an intuitive and authentic video download solution for video lovers over the world, making it easy to download and convert videos & audio online or on mobile phones from sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and so forth.Over 1,000 Sites Supported!

Outstanding Features:

• Completely free to use

• Fast download videos and audios speed

• Optional formats and quality

• Well-compatible with all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and more.

• No Ads, 100% security and stable.

Quick Tutorial: How to Use VidPaw Download YouTube Videos

The way to use is quite easy and clear. With only three steps, you can freely down any YouTube video you wanted. Get the tutorial below now.

Step 1. Go to VideoSolo Online Video Downloader homepage, and paste the download link of the YouTube video directly on the bar.

Step 2. Select the desired format and video or audio quality.


Supported video formats: WEBM, 3GP, MP4. Video Quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k.

Supported audio formats: M4A, WEBM. Audio Quality: 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbs, 256kbps, 320kbps.

Step 3. Click "Download" to begin safely downloading the video.

Download Video with VidPaw


After seccessfully download YouTube videos, you can enjoy them on your computer or smartphone without concerning about the internet-connecting problems and imcompatible devices. Namely you can watch them offline and choose different video or audio formats. Try this effective and easy KeepVid alternative now, it will never disappoint you. By the way, in order to help more people enjoy this useful YouTube video downloader, welcome to share VideoSolo Online Downloader Service with others.