League of Legends is one of the top-level multiplayer games loved by hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Now, there are many game lovers who share League of Legends gameplay to YouTube to show their wonderful tricks or game victories. And there also have some kinds of LoL tutorials made by the professional players for helping other players. However, some players would fail on recording the gameplay or do not know how to use the game recorder. Keep reading and you may learn how to record your League of Legends gameplay effortlessly.

How to Record  League of Legends Gameplay with Game Recorder

Combining multiple functions, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is one of the superior user-friendly League of Legends recorder. You can record your League of Legends gameplay with the gaming or microphone audio while maintaining high quality. Not only it allows you to record videos and audios, but it also provides the function of screen capture. Almost all computer screen recording work can be done by using this game recorder. Here is a simple guide to help you use it to record your League of Legends gameplay.

Step 1. Launch VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer, and launch the program. You will see a clear main interface that shows you all recording functions, including video recorder, audio recorder, and screen capture. If you need to set a schedule for recording, click the "Task Schedule" to custom your recording task schedule.

Main Interface

Step 2. Enter Video Recorder

Click the "Video Recorder" icon and customize your video recording settings. You can choose full screen or custom fixed region as well as you can drag the frame to select the region you want. Moreover, the system and the microphone sound can be adjusted. And whatever you record your League of Legends gameplay or make a League of Legends tutorials, if you want to record yourself into the video recording, you can turn on the "Webcam".

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. Run to Record

After setting the video recorder, click the "REC" button to run to record. And note that it will have 3 seconds countdown before recording. When you finish recording, you can clip your game recording as you like.

Record LOL Gameplay

In addition, as before mentioned, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is an all-in-one game recorder, there are other amazing features for recording. Next, we will show you the brief introduction about these functions.

Additional Amazing Features for Recording LoL Gameplay

• Add Remark While Recording LoL Gameplay

Some LoL players would like to add the remark on the gameplay video recording to explain their gaming skills. As the gaming tutor, adding the remark on the tutorial recording also can perfect the guidance. VideoSolo Screen Recorder supports that add the remark during you record your LoL gameplay.

Add Annotation on Recording

• Capture Screenshot While Recording LoL Gameplay

Capture the fantastic moments while recording LoL gameplay is important to some game lovers, which can share their exciting moments of gameplay to their friends or fans. When you preview the recording, you can click the "Camera" icon to take screenshot.

Take Screenshot While Preview Recording

• Save the Recording as Popular Format

VideoSolo Screen Recorder offers several popular formats that can upload to YouTube, playback on your computer or digital devices. Before recording, you can set the output format of the video recording as MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI and so on. If there have not the format you need, you can also save the recording as MP4 and then convert MP4 into other formats with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Set Output Format

On the whole, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is such a brilliant all-in-one game recorder for record your League of Legends or other video games gameplay. You can record the video with the system or microphone audio, capture any moment while recording, and save the recording as the one popular format. It's very easy to use that most people can manage the program quickly. Just go to start your recording and share your League of Legends or other video games gameplay.