Mac users usually complained that their Mac computer can't play Blu-ray discs. This is because Sony has license on Blu-ray while Apple does not own the license for Blu-ray playback. So, without the rights to the license, Apple can't support Blu-ray disc.

However, for some reason, there are some people who really want to get a Mac Blu-ray player, so as to play Blu-ray movies on Mac computer.

Get a Mac Blu-ray Player

You're not entirely out of luck. There is a good Mac Blu-ray player called VideoSolo Blu-ray player. This program can help you play all region codes of commercial Blu-ray and Homemade Blu-ray discs on Mac computer. Besides the Blu-ray discs, it supports playback the BD ISO, BD Folder and BDMV files on MacBook, iMac, etc. In addition, the Mac's built-in drive doesn't support Blu-ray, so another thing is to get one external Blu-ray drive.

Steps for Playing Blu-ray Discs on Mac Computer

Tips: There are plenty of Blu-ray drive available on current market. And they'll work with the Macintosh without any problem, using the Mac's USB port. The Windows computer supports three types of Blu-ray drive: USB port, IDE port and Sata port. So don't get the wrong Blu-ray drive.

Step 1. Download VideoSolo Blu-ray Player

If you have no Blu-ray player on computer, you can free download the VideoSolo Blu-ray player and install it on your Mac. After open it, you will see an interface with two button: "Open File" and "Open Disc".

Step 2. Connect the Blu-ray Drive

Now connect the Blu-ray drive with your Mac. When it works successfully, you can insert your Blu-ray disc to the external Blu-ray drive. Now you can click "Open Disc" to load the Blu-ray movies to the Mac Blu-ray Player.

Load Blu-ray Disc

Step 3. Play the Blu-ray Movie

After loading, the interface will come with five options: "Play Movie", "Chapter", "Audio", "Subtitle" and "Other Titles". You can choose the chapter, audio tracks and subtitles you needed. Or you can click "Play Movie" to enjoy the Blu-ray disc on Mac directly.

Play Blu-ray Movie on MacBook

You can see that the Blu-ray movies can be played on my Mac successfully. I hope it works with you as it does with me. Enjoy it! As you can see, VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is a really good Mac Blu-ray player which can help you enjoy all Blu-ray movies on Mac at ease.