You've got to find amusing moments during video watching and then made a GIF loop to share this funny meme with your friends. Soon you got that the self-made GIF doesn't loop itself, and stops at one-time playback. Things are just not as what you think. In fact, this can be easily solved, and you just need one more step to make a looping GIF.

One More Step to Get Your GIF Loop Itself

1. Why the GIF fail to loop itself?

Normally most GIF memes restart where it ends. If your GIF cannot loop itself, return to the tools you use to make an animated GIF. Differently, a group of people prefers to see the GIF stops after one-time playback, or they will get tired or confused about the energetic GIF photos. Thus, some GIF-making software or websites will set a one-time limit for GIF playback by default.

But take it easy. Often these GIF-making tools offer settings for permanent GIF playback and you just not have the chance to find where it is. Yet the hidden GIF loop function varies from software and websites, so we cannot point out the exact solution for yours. Alternatively, we select a commonly used GIF making software to show you how to make a GIF loop from the video. It's nice that you can gain some experience from it.

2. How to make a GIF loop with GIF making software?

Here we take Photoshop to make a GIF loop. Pay attention to the step after choosing "Create Frame Animation" in "Create Video Timeline". You should first turn to the top navigation menu and choose "Select " > "All Layers". Then return to the Timeline screen, and click the menu icon on the right.

In the popup list, select "Create New Layer for Each New Frame" and then "Make Frames From Layers". Go on and in the end, you will get a GIF loop.

Make Frames From Layers

3. Conclusion

If you get other GIF making tools, software or website, it may need some time to find the GIF loop option. At least, next time you can get the GIF loop at your will. If you really have trouble catching the GIF loop function, you might as well try another GIF making software that will automatically get a GIF loop product. See as below for more details.

One-stop Software to Make A GIF Loop

VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter is friendly to make a GIF loop from the video. You won't worry about forgetting about the loop settings as it offers a natural GIF loop by default. Moreover, as its name shows, you are free for any GIF animation work on it, and even can adapt the GIF photo as you like, such as setting the duration time, adding watermarks, altering the brightness and so on. Nicely, this software has simplified the GIF-making process, and you will be familiar with it in a few minutes. Also, you can get an available version for either Windows or Mac operation system. Following is a detailed guide to making a GIF loop step by step.

Step 1. Download and Launch VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter

Below are download pathways for the GIF-making software. Yet small in size, it offers free service and smooth GIF processing capacity.

Step 2. Add Video Files

Launch the GIF Converter, and then click "Add File" to add the videos.

Add Video

Step 3. Select Video Content for GIF

Click "Clip", and determine the time to "Start" and to "End".

Clip Video

Step 4. Loop GIF Setting

This step is essential to make an animated GIF loop. Click "Settings" behind "Profile". The tick "Loop Animation". Here you can also change some parameters at your request.

Loop GIF Setting

Step 5. Edit Selected Video (Optional)

Click "Edit" option and it will pop up a window divided into four parts: "Rotate", "Crop", "Effect" and "Watermark". Here you can customize the selected video content. E.g. you can enrich the GIF effect or add some individual watermarks.

Edit Selected Video

Step 6. Convert Video Clip to GIF Loop

Click "Convert", and then the software will quickly give you the conversion result of GIF loop. This time, you are surprised to find that the GIF file loops itself naturally.

Converting Video Clip to GIF

VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter performs nice work to make a GIF loop and I think it is worth to get your desired GIF loop. To sum up, maybe you've found the exact GIF loop way on your software/website, or sincerely tried this Free Video to GIF Converter. Anyway, it's great that you manage to make a GIF loop from video.