If you ever recorded live streaming video or gameplay tutorial, you may know how annoying it is when the screen gets lagging and choppy during the recording. That is totally a nightmare. Therefore, the key to record screen video smoothly and create a wonderful screen video is to choose a lag-free screen recorder. In this article, I would like to introduce you how to avoid lagging during recording screen and show you the best no lag screen recorder for Windows and Mac.

The Best No Lag Screen Recorder -- VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Lagging, as you may know, means that the image of the screen will stuck or delay when recording. It happens because of low specification device with overload memory (RAM) and CPU or with incompatible settings. To avoid getting into this trouble, you could try to use a desktop instead of a laptop or reduce the video resolution of the recording target.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is recommended as the best screen recorder with no lag which allows you to record videos from online, save video chats and capture live meetings, etc. You are able to record videos and audios at the same time with this recorder. And the program provide different capture modes for efficient recording. Moreover, you could schedule a recording task ahead so that you can even capture the computer screen when you are not available. Please check the following detailed steps to find out how to use this program.

Step 1. Choose "Video Recorder"

After downloading and installing VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer, launch the program, then you may find that there are four options. Choose "Video Recorder" to get into the record computer screen.

Choose Video Recorder

Step 2. Target Recording Area

In the main interface of "Video Recorder", you could choose a suitable recording area by clicking the first button. Here, you are able to record on-screen activities with full screen or custom region, which depends on your computer so as to avoid lagging.

Select Recording Area

In addition, if you would like to record all the activities of webcam, you could turn on the Webcam button.

Step 3. Change Output Setting

Here in this step, you can click for the "Settings" icon then go to "Output" to change some basic settings for the video. To avoid lagging, you can adjust for the suitable output format and output quality. Furthermore, there is one small tips that you can select "Enable hardware acceleration" to make the recording more smoothly.

Change Output Settings

Step 4. Start Recording

When all the settings are done, you can click on the "REC" button to start recording. If you like to talk during recording, you are allowed to turn on the "System Sound" and Microphone audio respectively. You can make drawing or add annotations during the recording, which will not influence the recording.

Start Recording

That's the fantastic screen recorder that can help you recording screen without lags. It is very user-friendly and extremely easy to use even for green hand. Except for this software, to reduce lagging during recording, you need to first check if your computer is good enough for the job, if not the computer will slow down and stuck. Then consider the video size, video format and output quality, all these factors can mitigate the slowing down of the computer system.


When you are looking for a reliable software to solve the lagging problem during recording, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is your best option and it is a powerful lag-free screen recorder that is very friendly. With this program, you can record gamaplay or create tutorial video or making any screen videos. Why not download and take it a try? Create a lag-free screen video now!