What is the best and easiest way to convert OGG file into an AVI file? It also has to be free! Thanks.

You may stand a good chance of encountering this kind of problem in your daily life. This is because OGG is not a common video format and it is not compatible with these popular devices. If you have some videos in OGG format which can't be played on your smartphone or media player, you'll need to convert OGG files to another format such as MP4.

So, how to finish the conversion for free? Here is the answer. Now, let's go on to explore below.

Why You Need to Convert OGG File

The full name of OGG is OGGVobis(oggVorbis). OGG is audio compression format specially designed for easy download over the Internet. As a totally free and open Ogg file format without patent limit, Ogg file could improve the size and sound gradually without affecting the old encoder and player. Its merit of the free patent could make OGG codecs being incorporated in various kinds of media players.

As an open source and patent-free compression format, OGG file is loaded with so many amazing features like adding bitstreams, metadata support, and multichannel feature. And more and more portable devices choose to support OGG file format.

Yet you may sometimes still want to convert OGG file to some other popular formats like MP3, AAC with high audio quality, WMA and many more, since that MP3 file is more popular than OGG file. Most players support the playback of MP3 file, And the most obvious feature of OGG file is that you could get much higher audio quality with smaller file size.

Whether you convert video/audio file to OGG file or convert OGG file to some other popular video/audio formats, having one OGG video converter at hand for you is highly important and necessary. The passages below offer the most effective means to convert OGG audio file or directly extract audio from source video file in the OGG format.

Simple Solution to Convert OGG Videos for Free

(1) Free OGG Video Converter

VideoSolo Free Video Converter comes up with the best free OGG Video Converter for you to convert OGG file to a wide variety of audio formats easily. Its batch-conversion function could also allow to convert OGG file as many as possible with only one simple click.

With the wonderful program, you could also customize the output settings like adjusting audio effects. Here you can learn the tutorial on how to convert OGG files for free with OGG Video Converter free.

(2) How to Convert OGG Videos for Free

Firstly, download, install VideoSolo Free Video Converter and open it on your desktop. And its main interface would appear directly. Now let's follow the guide step by step.

Step 1. Add OGG Files to the Program

When it comes to the loading methods, the powerful application could offer two different kinds of importing ways. You could click the "Add Files" button in the middle part of the interface, or directly drag and drop the targeted OGG files to the program. Information about the added OGG files would be shown clearly.

Add OGG Files

Step 2. Choose Output Format

If you want to select your desired output profile, you may need to click the "Output Format" icon to activate one window. Here you could select the wanted output file like MP3 audio file under the "General Audio" tab. You can view the operation in the image below.

Choose Output Format as MP3

Step 3. Convert OGG File

The last and necessary step is to click the "Convert" button to begin the conversion process. It takes only very few minutes to complete the process. Once it's finished, it would pop up one small window where you could find the final converted files.

Convert OGG File

Some stereotypes about free video converter are fairly universal. For example, people always think that a free conversion tool has very limited functions like low output quality. However, VideoSolo Free Video Converter could give you one fresh new look at it. The powerful OGG Video Converter free could help you convert OGG file easily with the easy-to-use interface and high conversion speed.

If you want to have more functions like editing OGG file or high output quality, then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is the most effective means for you to create your specified OGG file. You may get your desired output quality to have better listening experience.

As the service guideline of software provider says: the quality is the first, the service is uppermost. It won't let you upset. Just have a try. If you have any idea or question in the using process, you could connect with us freely, we would give your reply as soon as possible.