Nowadays Blu-ray video has marched into an overwhelmingly robust stage, with a host of faithful supporters pushing it forward. Curious about the high definition of Blu-ray, fresh friends kindly stride into the new world of Blu-ray, yet a few find they cannot play Blu-ray on computers. At first, it must admit that in most cases your PC is not to blame. Indeed, the fact that a smooth Blu-ray playback on PC calls for special codec takes the due, and therefore the nice PC Blu-ray player software comes to a perfect solution.

In an effort to a better understanding of the present Blu-ray problem, this source would be phased in three aspects: why  PC Blu-ray player software comes as a final solution, how to use it to play Blu-ray on computers, and some friendly tips to make full use of the recommended PC Blu-ray player software.

Part 1. Why A PC Blu-ray Player Software Helps Out?

The great merit of Blu-ray video is to service the viewer with supreme performance in high definition of 1080p and with vivid stereo surround sound effect, which in a way explains the large storage it occupies and more importantly, the special codec method it requires. That brings an essential cognition that the PC is asked to qualify two capacities to play Blu-ray disc:

1. An external Blu-ray drive should be on hand.

2. The media player on your Windows 10/ Mac is Blu-ray supported.

Firstly, it should admit the fact that by now none of the internal PC drives shows compatibility with Blu-ray disc. That is, you should prepare a specific external Blu-ray drive to read the disc content to PC. Friendly note that Blu-ray compatibility is not part of a common external drive including DVD ones. But if you get the Blu-ray folders from somewhere else, please directly move on to the next step.

The next prerequisite is an unavoidable matter if your default media player obviously shows objection to Blu-ray codec. Generally, most media players are not available to play Blu-ray videos. As a matter of fact, what you need is via a PC Blu-ray player software as designed the right path to Blu-ray watching. You may be dazzled by a motley collection of various Blu-ray players on the market, and if you don't mind, see a powerful one that we have picked up for you.

Part 2. Recommended Software to Play Blu-ray on PC Step by Step

Our advice is to use this one: VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. This professional Blu-ray player will remove all the barriers in Blu-ray playback in a manner of optimizing the visual and audio effect. What's more, you can also turn it into a default media player on your PC, as it holds great acceptance to large quantities of videos and audios which may exceed the present in-use. Furthermore, this Blu-ray player runs on Windows and PC with easy-to-handle operations.

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Blu-ray Player on PC

Choose the Windows/Mac version for the PC Blu-ray player software. Install it under the guidance. After that, launch it and you will see striking "Open File" and "Open Disc" options on the main interface.

Videosolo Blu-ray Player

Step 2. Add Blu-ray Disc/Folders to PC

1. If you have a Blu-ray disc, first insert the disc to the Blu-ray supported drive, then click "Open Disc" to load the Blu-ray videos.

2. If you have a Blu-ray folder, just click "Open Disc" and come to the Blu-ray location to add the files.

Open Blu-ray Disc

Step 3. Play Blu-ray Videos on Computer

After loading, your computer will soon play the Blu-ray videos smoothly. Besides some basic functions, you can see a camera icon below the screen, that's the "Snapshot" function to capture an interesting moment.

Play Blu-ray Video

Now you can effortlessly watch Blu-ray videos through this helpful PC Blu-ray player software. If you want to get a thorough knowledge of this software, let's see some useful tips.

Part 3. Tips to Get More of The PC Blu-ray Player Software

1. A Versatile Media Player

VideoSolo Blu-ray Player can serve as a Blu-ray player as well as a common media player for most available video and audio formats, so it's feasible to set it as the default PC media player.

2. Guarantee A Good Network Environment

Provided, you still face "fail to play Blu-ray disc" problem on computers with Blu-ray supported drive and player already on hand, check the Internet connection. Blu-ray player works in a good network environment to decode the special file, especially for those under DRM protection or region code lock.

3. Free Trial and Purchase Service

This PC Blu-ray player offers you one-month free trial period to give you preliminary experience. But you will see watermarks on the video screen, which may be an unpleasant sign for some and despoil the snapshot effect. But a purchase service in need of registration code and mail address will rip away watermarks and enrich the video enhances work.

So it comes to the end. To sum up, if you want to play Blu-ray on PC without any obstacles, you should have a Blu-ray supported drive, PC Blu-ray player software and fairly good Internet connection. Once everything is ready, set out the amazing journey of Blu-ray watching.