Most of the gamers would like to record game videos while playing games for they want to share their victory moments with friends. It should be noted that the easiest way to record gameplay is to take advantage of some screen recorders, whether you are recording the games on PC or recording console games like PS4, Xbox etc. which is projected onto your PC. Recording PS4 gameplay with PC could be as simple as recording games on PC. The cool thing is that you can share your recorded game videos on platforms like YouTube for viewing. Now I'm going to show you how to record gameplay with the powerful screen recorder.

How to Record Gameplay on PC -- VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Among thousands of screen recorders on the market, here I would highly recommend you VideoSolo Screen Recorder, which you can record and capture any kind of gameplay on the computer with its unique features. Meanwhile, it is available for you to turn on the webcam so that your audience can clearly see your reactions on the gameplay.

You are able to use the Microphone to add some comments during the gameplay. What's more, you can highlight your mouse cursor, make drawing and annotations on your gameplay so as to create a gameplay tutorial and share on the YouTube. You can change the video format, video quality and frame rate to get a high quality gameplay video.

Step 1. Choose "Video Recorder"

Download and install VideoSolo Screen Recorder from our official website then launch the program. Choose the "Video Recorder" to record the gameplay video.

Main Interface

Step 2. Select Recording Area

Start the game you want to record. Then go to the "Video Recorder" window, which includes 4 different buttons. From the first button, you can adjust the recording area. "Full" or "Custom" or just adjust the figures as you like. You'b better adjust the screen according to the resolution and aspect ratio of YouTube or other players. If you enable the second button, the program will also record the activities of webcam.

Select Recording Area

Step 3. Adjust Settings

Now, you need to turn on the system audio (third button) to record the sound of your gameplay. And with the Microphone (fourth button) turning on, you can record your own vocie while playing the game.

Then, you can choose the output format and output folder of your gameplay video, there are lots of high-quality formats include MP4, WMV, MOV and AVI. See what the player support and choose the most suitable format.

Change Setting

Step 4. Use Hotkeys

When you are playing the game, in order to simplify your recording, you'd better get to know some shortcut keys of the floating control panel to start, pause, stop or make a snapshot. Click the "FIO" button then you can see "Hotkeys", find the one that is necessary for your process.


Step 5. Record Your Gameplay

When all the settings are done, click "REC" button on the right side of this video screen recorder to start recording your gameplay.

Record Gameplay

Here in this step, you can make drawing or add annotations according to your requirement. And you can take snapshot to save the frames you like. On the floating bar, you can click "Clock" to set the "Record Length" to end the recording automatically.

After the recording ends, you can preview the project. Here, you can edit the gameplay video like cropping or resetting the starting point and ending point as your preference.

Preview Video Recording

When you come to this step, it means you basically know how to record gameplay on PC. However, if some of you want to make some further edition on the recorded gameplay videos, here VideoSolo EditFUN would be a better choice for you. VideoSolo EditFUN is your exclusive video editor, with its help, you are available to crop the recorded video, add background music to the video, alter the game review audio and multicam editing of the game video.

All in all, this is the tutorial for recording gameplay on PC. If you would like to save your gameplay to share with others or just want to analyzie the failure so as to promote your game skills, VideoSolo Screen Recorder will be your best choice. This program is of simple interface and professional recording functions and you can get a well-recorded game video. Enjoy yourself!