Blu-ray and DVD disc resemble the shape of the 12cm optical disc. This same appearance makes people begin to wonder: can Blu-ray disc be played on the DVD player? Blu-ray has shown overwhelming popularity on media market in recent years, yet a group of people instead still have a previously bought DVD player in use. So it strikes them the playback question in the wake of a drive of high-quality Blu-ray watching. Sadly to say, the answer is no, definitely no. Actually, these two types differ greatly in many aspects, which as a result causes their complete incompatibility.

Why Blu-ray Disc Cannot Be Played on DVD Player

Completed with high definition of 1080p and stereo surround sound, Blu-ray calls for large storage, which in a way is achieved by blue laser codec. Instead, DVD format is encoded by red laser. Generally, the shorter wavelength of blue laser takes on 5 times greater storage capacity than red laser. The reason that DVD player cannot play Blu-ray disc lies that, the DVD player is specifically designed for DVD's red laser, not for Blu-ray's blue laser. Likewise, the DVD player is available to play CD as it is also implemented red laser.

Still, you need to find yourself a handy Blu-ray player to enjoy the high definition watching. Since by now the internal computer drive is not equiped with Blu-ray decoding competence, so it is necessary to buy an external Blu-ray player, or so-called drive. The good news is that, with the broad application of Blu-ray disc, purchasing a Blu-ray player is not as expensive as before and nearly reaches an affordable price. However, this is not a single deal of the external player purchase. To play any Blu-ray discs effortlessly, you should ensure that the media player on your computer is Blu-ray supported. If not, then come to the next part and the third party Blu-ray software will make it.

[Tips] Step by Step to Play Blu-ray Disc on Computer

In this part, you can see the VideoSolo Blu-ray Player as the final solution of Blu-ray disc. To start with, it supports Blu-ray disc in any format including the standard, DRM protected and regional code locked. Moreover, it is easy to handle and works like a common media player. You just need to add the Blu-ray media file to the software without any extra processing, and it will simply present the interesting content for you. Video enhance function is also allowed to enrich the watching experience at your will.  With this Blu-ray player, you can play Blu-ray disc via the Blu-ray supported drive on Windows and Mac smoothly.

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Blu-ray Player

Download and install VideoSolo Blu-ray Player for your Windows 7/8/10 or Mac. Launch it, and you will see you have a one-month free trial experience. This would lay watermarks on video picture comparing the purchase version. Then you will see two striking options: "Open File" and "Open Disc".

Videosolo Blu-ray Player

Step 2. Load Blu-ray Disc to Your Computer

Now insert the Blu-ray disc into the external Blu-ray drive. Then return to the main page of Blu-ray player. Click "Open Disc" and then it will pop up a window to select the Blu-ray disc.

Open Blu-ray Disc

Step 3. Play Blu-ray Disc on Your Computer

After you have ensured the disc selection, it will naturally turn into the playback picture. You can see some basic buttons below the picture to help you pause/playback and move forward/backward. The camera icon is the "Snapshot" function that helps you capture favored pictures.

Play Blu-ray Video

After these three steps, you can easily get around the problem of Blu-ray disc playback and our feature today comes to an end. It's a pity that Blu-ray disc cannot be played on the DVD player, but there's always a way out. Now you must have a better understanding of Blu-ray disc and know how to play it on your computer.