Now, many Blu-ray fans prefer to back up their Blu-ray movies by creating the ISO image Files. Blu-ray ISO usually contains all the contents of a Blu-ray disc, and it can be used to replicate Blu-ray Disc to computer hard drive for a backup or further creation to discs. But, this doesn't means you can open and play the ISO file on computer natively.

So, if you need to play the Blu-ray ISO files, just check out this detailed post. We are going to share a prominent way to you today, which is the best of Top 5 Blu-ray ISO Player Software in 2019.

The Best Blu-ray ISO Player

To play the Blu-ray ISO file, you must have a Blu-ray ISO player. Here, we will recommend the VideoSolo Blu-ray Player to you. As the name suggested, it is a Blu-ray player with the ability to play Blu-ray discs. But it also can act as a Blu-ray ISO player and BDMV player, which means you can enjoy Blu-ray image files and Blu-ray folder on computer. With the help of VideoSolo Blu-ray player, you can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on computer at ease.

How to Open the Blu-ray ISO Files?

Tip: To enjoy the Blu-ray ISO images, you need to install a virtual Blu-ray drive on your computer first, or right click the ISO file to open it in Windows System Resource Manager.

Step 1. Download and Install VideoSolo Blu-ray Player

First, download the setup package from the button above and install it on your PC. Then, launch the program after the installation ends. The interface is shown as below:

Load Blu-ray Disc

Step 2. Load Blu-ray ISO image to Virtue Drive

Now open the virtue Drive on your computer to load the Blu-ray ISO image file.

Step 3. Open the ISO Files

Go back to the interface of VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. And click the "Open Disc" button to open a browse window where you can find the virtue drive.

Play Blu-ray Movies

Step 4. Play the ISO Files

Waiting for several seconds, a Blu-ray menu will come up. Here, you can play the ISO files directly or select the chapter, subtitle, audio track and other titles.

Play Blu-ray Movie

Best Free Blu-ray Virtual Drive Software

No 1. Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite is a free CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc emulator software for both Windows and Mac. It can make image files of CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc on your computer. One of the amazing feature is that the reading speed of virtual disc is very fast.

No 2. VirtualDVD

VirtualDVD is a free and lightweight virtual Blu-ray/DVD/CD emulator application. You can easily create virtual Blu-ray/DVD/CD drive on computer and then mount the Blu-ray/DVD/CD disc images easily. This program supports various image formats including ISO, CUE, ISZ, LCD, PDI, etc.

No 3. Virtual CloneDrive

The functions of the Virtual CloneDrive is same as of a physical CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive but the difference is that this drive is not physically present in your PC. It's help you to create a virtual CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive on your PC.