Can PS4 play 4K Blu-ray? Since the UHD Blu-rays bring the resolution up to 4K, this question was asked by more and more PS4 users. I believe most of PlayStation 4 users know that PS4 can play normal DVD and Blu-ray disc thanks to the build-in drive. But, thing will different when it comes to the 4K Blu-ray. This is because the 4K UHD is beyond the range supported by the PS4 drive.

And Sony has no intention to optimize this issue. The reasons is that consumer won't mind because the PS4 is "primarily for gaming".

Finally, the answer is that PS4 does not support 4K Blu-ray playback. What if we still need to play 4K Blu-ray with PS4? This is the main content that we are going to share with you. In the ensuing part, details will be elaborated on for a better understanding.

Make PS4 Play 4K Blu-ray Smoothly

The compatibility of PS4 is something we can't change, so we can only change the form of 4K Blu-ray disc. If we can rip 4K Blu-ray disc to common video format with the same 4K resolution, then we can use PS4 to play the 4K Blu-ray movie.

Now, finding a Blu-ray ripper is the first thing we should do. VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper works perfectly to rip your 4K Blu-ray disc to 4K digital video format. It is a program which can load 4K Blu-ray content and output 4K video. In order to meet people's demand for HD video, it fully supports the 4K UHD videos output. Compared with other similar program, the fast conversion speed is another advantage. You can enable the GPU acceleration to improve the ripping speed. You can download the trial version to have a try.

Step 1. Install VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

Get VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper installed well. Double click the software icon to launch it, and you will see the simple interface.

Step 2. Load 4K Blu-ray Disc

First, insert your 4K Blu-ray disc into an external Blu-ray drive. Please make sure that the drive can read 4K UHD Blu-ray.

Now open VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper. And click on "Load Disc" button to load the 4K Blu-ray.

Load 4K Blu-ray Disc

Step 3. Select A 4K Video Format

After the program loaded the Blu-ray disc successfully, you can click the drop-down icon from the "Profile". Then go to "4K Video" > select one format that supported by PS4.

Select A 4K Video Format

Step 4. Rip 4K Blu-ray to PS4

Now, the final thing is clicking on the "Convert" button to start the conversion. Well, let's be patient. It will take some time to finish the whole ripping process.

Rip 4K Blu-ray to PS4

As such, you can manage to play 4K Blu-ray on PS4 in the wake of merely four simple steps. This tiny Blu-ray ripper won't take you too much space and runs smoothly on Windows and Mac. With the alternative method, you can experience 4K Blu-ray video on PS4.

[Tips] How to Play Blu-ray on PS4

Can PS4 play 4K Blu-ray? Still, the answer is no. By now, you can directly play normal Blu-ray on PS4. And we also wrote the steps of playing normal Blu-ray disc on PS4 in case you need it.

1. Click "Settings" > "System Software Update", and update to the latest system software. That means your PS4 equips compatibility with Blu-ray codec or a farther 4K Blu-ray attempt.

2. Insert the Blu-ray disc into the PS4 box, or just stream Blu-ray folder to the device.

3. On the main page of PS4, find the disc icon and press play button. Or find the video in the storage file.

If you are eager to enter into the world of 4K Blu-ray, then you might try the alternative way we offer. It's indeed a piece of good news for us that you can finally make PS4 play 4K Blu-ray.