As we know, for browser audio, use a tool to record it will be much more convenient than to download it. Sometimes you may want to save an audio on web browsers like Chrome, Safari or other browsers. If you need to find a Chrome audio recorder to help you grab audio from web page, here this guide will rescue you in an easy way.

A Powerful Recorder for Any Audio from Browser

What if I told you there is a program that can record all the audio from the browser in almost lossless sound quality, and the format of the audio is optional? Well, recently I tried using the recorder to record an audiobook on Chrome. It works fairly well than the other recorders I used before. It's called VideoSolo Screen Recorder. From its name, we know it can record the computer screen. Actually, it can also record audio only. Whatever sound that coming out from the computer can be recorded, including the browser audio of course. In this article, I will teach how to record audio from the browser with this program.

Tutorial for You: How to Record Audio from Chrome

To record audio from the browser, please follow the steps.

Step 1. Enable the "Audio Recorder" Option for Recording Audio

Run the program. Select "Audio Recorder" because we just need to record audio with no picture.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 2. Adjust the System Sound and Output Settings

• Adjust the system sound. You can adjust it in your operating system, or you can slide the slide bar directly in VideoSolo Screen Recorder. While your adjusting, you can play a video to feel whether the recording volume is appropriate.

• If you only want to record the web browser sound, do not want to record the sound of yourself and the external environment, you must remember to turn off the button of "Microphone".

Adjust System Sound

• The default audio recording format is MP3. MP3 is a very common audio format but if you want to change, you can click on "More settings - Output". There are WMA, M4A and AAC format optional. The default quality is "High", you can adjust to a higher quality according to your requirements. This software offers a lossless option that gives you the perfect browser audio recording experience.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 3. Press "REC" and Mark Down the Hotkey if You Hide the Float Bar

• Press "REC". A pop-up box will remind you that you can use hotkeys to control the record. Better be warned that you can mark down on a note or something. If you have previously set hide float bar while recording and forgot the hotkey, don't worry. You can still find the program in the system's taskbar. Double-click the icon, or right-click it to show the main interface, the bar will come out again.

• Click "OK" in the pop-up box and the record will start in three seconds. Then start playing the browser audio you want to record. The volume is adjustable during recording.

Mark Down Hotkeys

Step 4. Save the Audio for Offline Viewing

Click "Save". Now you can conveniently listen to your browser's audio recordings on your MAC/Windows computer.

Save Audio

Don't you think utilize this program to record browser audio is very convenient?It's simple to use but the function is very powerful, that's what a good browser audio recording program should be like. As for how to record video with it, you can learn through Desktop Recorder:How to Record Computer Desktop on Windows/Mac.