Are you a gamer who wanna record your computer screen with audio for game commentary? Are you a YouTuber trying to record walk-throughs or tutorials of teaching something like make-up, Photoshop, etc.? As computer technologies advance, recording penetrates in people's life and work.

This article is intended to equip you with the simple knowledge of how to use screen recording software in order to record computer screen with audio the easier way.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder - Highly Recommened!

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is one of the best video recording software on the market.  As it boosts a variety of features, users are allowed to

- Specify your own recording area of any size, ranging from full screen to a specified active program window.

- Select record the sound from microphone or bulid-in audio system.

- Record screen along with webcam at the same time, which is particularly helpful for users requiring to shot their own reactions during video recording.

- Make drawing and annotating on toolbar during screen capturing.

Download the right version from the icon below.

4 Steps to Record Computer Screen with Audio

(1) On Windows

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer. Then launch it and you will see a intuitive interface. You need to select "Video Recorder" to capture your desktop screen.

Main Interface of Screen Recorder

Step 2. In the main interface of "Video Recorder", you can customize the recording area by clicking the drop-down icon of the first button. And you can also drag the rim of the frame to adjust the area.

Adjust Recording Area and Audios

Step 3. Adjust the system sound and microphone by dragging the respective buttons if necessary. After that, click the red button "REC" on the right to start recording.  (For those who also want to capture themselves or to record reaction shots, you are recommended to click on the second button-- a webcam icon to turn on your webcam.)

Step 4. When recording screen with audios, you are allowed to use the toolbar, including drawing, annotating, and taking snapshots as you like. And you'll be able to preview your recordings before saving.

Draw and Add Annotations During Recording

(2) On Mac

Step 1. Install the Mac version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder below. After launching, it appears like this.

Main Interface on Mac

Step 2. Crop out a screen area for recording by dragging the rectangular frame as you desire, or by pulling down the menu of the third button and selecting one mode among 3 region buttons.

Recording Area Modes on Mac

Step 3. Open the pull-down list of the first button(a microphone icon) and tick the Built-in Microphone on the drop-down menu.

Note: VideoSolo Screen Recorder of Mac version only supports recording microphone sound. So please make sure you have already turned up the sound of microphone.

Turn up Microphone Sound

Step 4. When recording screen with audios, tick the pen icon to function and you are allowed to use the tools on the floating bar, including drawing, annotating, and taking snapshots as you like.

After the recording ends, click the solid rectangular button on the top right to stop recording. The recorded video is automatically saved within VideoSolo Screen Recorder folder. You can click the button on the top rightest to find it.

Draw and Add Annotations During Recording

To conclude, with simple and quick recording features available on VideoSolo Screen Recorder, both Windows users or Mac users can have an easy time of recording any video with audio. For advanced users, more useful features are waiting for you to explore. Enjoy!