FaceTime is one of the most widely used software for Mac and iOS users to make free audio and video calls, but it is a pity that it does not support built-in recording, making those who prefer to play back find it difficult to save calls. So how can we quickly record FaceTime calls on Mac and iPhone? This article is going to guide you through the recording process in the easier way. Are you ready?

QuickTime Player - Record FaceTime Call on Mac/iPhone for Free

(1)On iPhone

To record FaceTime calls on iPhone, the best way is to mirror the iPhone screen onto Mac through a USB cable, and then use the built-in program QuickTime on Mac to record screen.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Mac through USB with a lighting cable or other connectors. Open QuickTime Player on your application folder and click "File" > "New Movie Recording".

Step 2. On the main window, drop down a list beside the red button. Tick "iPhone" under camera selection. By doing so, this recorder is set to capture the activities on your iPhone screen. Likewise, tick "Internal Microphone" to make sure QuickTime recorder can record your conversations through Microphone.

Connect iPhone screen to Mac

Step 3. Hit the red button to start recording. Now, instigate your FaceTime calls as usual.

Step 4. After hanging up the call, go for the Stop click on the menu bar. To save it, click "File" > "Save"

Save Recorded Facetime Call on iPhone

(2)On Mac

Although people tend to make FaceTime calls on iPhones instead of on Mac, it will be a lot easier if you can switch to Mac when trying to record a FaceTime call.

Step 1. Start by clicking "File" > "New Screen Recording".

Create A New FaceTime Reording On Mac

Step 2. Press the red button and click anywhere on the screen to start recording the entire screen; otherwise, click and move the area frame along the FaceTime window as long as the recording area includes the content you want to capture.

Step 3. Pull down the inverted triangle icon to tick some of the selections according to your need, such as including Microphone and highlighting your cursor.

Preset Setting for Microphone and Mouse on Mac

Step 4. Now start a FaceTime call on your FaceTime window. Hit the recording button on the top bar.

A Professional Solution to Record FaceTime Call on Mac

Since QuickTime can only act as a quick-and-dirty recorder, if you are not satisfied and want to include more features, try a more professional one--- VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is one of the best professional FaceTime call recorders so far, for its versatility together with easy operations. Its Mac version supports recording screen along with webcam and audio. You can easily drag the recording regional frame to match FaceTime window. More additional functions are available before, during and after recording, like screenshots and annotations. It provides a free trial version with full features except for a time limit, and for those users who enjoy using it, you can buy a licensed version ($34.95).

To install VideoSolo Screen Recorder into your Mac, please click on Download button below.

Step 1. Double click the program and launch it. On its main interface, click the menu button on the top right to specify parameters, like hotkeys, output format, etc.

Main Interface on Mac

Step 2. Open FaceTime. Put Screen Recorder in the foreground, and pull down the menu beside a screen display icon. Tick "Full screen" if you do not mind capturing the entire window of FaceTime or tick "Custom region" to manually drag the frame across the FaceTime window. Either way is simple enough for FaceTime calls recording.

Recording Area Modes on Mac

Step 3. Next up, open a drop-down list beside the microphone button and tick "Built-in microphone". Due to privacy reasons on Mac and iDevices, only microphone audio can be recorded, so make sure you have already turned on your microphone.

Turn up Microphone Sound

Step 4. Turn to FaceTime window and instigate a video call. Then, click the red button "REC" on the main interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder. After popping up a remind box of hotkeys, it immediately starts recording what is going on inside the recording area.

During recording, you are allowed to use the floating bar to take screenshots as you prefer.

Recording FaceTime

Step 5. To stop capturing FaceTime Calls, you can either choose to use hotkeys that are preset by default or by yourself, or choose to click on the stop button on the floating bar.

After learning the above two ways of recording FaceTime calls respectively on Mac and iPhone, you may find the previous troublesome questions are quite easy. Hope this article can really help settle your questions about FaceTime call recording.