When you are going through some victory and awesome moments in your PS4 gameplay, would you like to record it and share for YouTube? Well, there are three most commonly used methods to record PS4 gameplay.

(1) Use built-in record function in PS4. Sort of complicated because you may easily have misoperation about the "share" button while you control DualShock 4. If you forget clicking save, it may lose the video you have recorded. Besides, you can just record 60 min at most.

(2) Recording through a laptop using a capture card. This may give you the best recording effect but cost too much. A capture card may take you a few hundred dollars.

(3) Use remote play to project the PS4 onto your laptop, then use a screen recorder to record the laptop screen.


Comprehensively speaking, the third way is the most convenient and inexpensive, just need to have a PS4 and a laptop, then you can record as long as you wish without limited if your hard disk space is large enough. PS4 Remote play support to stream at 1080p if you own a PS4 Pro or a new version PS4.

According to the method (3), this article will teach you how to record PS4 gameplay with a laptop by using a screen recorder and upload it to YouTube for share. I believe some of you may already know how to use remote play and project the PS4 onto laptop before record. But if you are a rookie to this, have a look at PS4 Remote Play Tutorial Documentation or search video guides on YouTube.

Record PS4 Gameplay with Laptop and Share It to YouTube

To record PS4 gameplay with a laptop, you will need to install a screen recorder on the laptop first. Here I recommend VideoSolo Screen Recorder, because of the features in recording your own voice while PS4 gameplay, have selectable video formats, video qualities, and frame rates to get good quality gameplay video. It also has hotkeys to control the whole recording process without showing the floating panel. This is an expert on record desktop screen.

Step 1. Set Video Resolution and Audio

When the PS4 game is ready to play on a laptop, run VideoSolo Screen Recorder, click on "Video Recorder" in the main interface. Then you will enter this setting interface. Usually, choose full screen, but if you want to select the recording area by clicking "Custom", you'd better follow the recommended resolution and aspect ratio of YouTube player.

After the recording screen is set, you need to adjust the volume. "System Sound" definitely must be turned on to record the sound of PS4 gameplay. If you want to record your own voice while playing the game, toggling the "Microphone" on.

Set Video Resolution and Audio

Here's the recommended resolution and aspect ratio of YouTube player:








Step 2. Click "More settings" to Modify Output

Click "More settings" above "Microphone" to set the output video format and frame rate. YouTube supports upload video in WMV, MP4, MOV and AVI format, so you can choose as you like. You can also increase the frame rate to make your PS4 gameplay recording look smoother.

Modify Output Settings

Step 3. Set Hotkeys for Control Without Using Float Bar

While in the PS4 gameplay process, you probably don't want to see the floating control panel. So you can set hotkeys to pause, stop, make a snapshot or hide float panel as long as not conflict with other gameplay hotkeys, if you are not using DualShock 4 controller.

Set Hotkeys for Control

Step 4. Click "REC" button to Start Recording

Click the red "REC" button to start recording. The hotkeys come in handy when you are going to hide float panel and control the recording process.

Record PS4 Gameplay

Step 5. Save and Upload to YouTube

Stop the recording process and you can preview the PS4 gameplay video before save. Now you may see all the files you have recorded in the left panel. You are able to share your PS4 gameplay video all over the world through YouTube by uploading to YouTube upload.

Save PS4 Gameplay Video

VideoSolo Screen Recorder can not only record gameplay but also capture all the screen activities on your laptop such as online videos, skype chat, and online meeting. After knowing about the detailed steps of how to record PS4 gameplay in such convenient way, you probably think of VideoSolo Screen Recorder as a tool that worth trying. Next time when you are going to play a PS4 game, don't forget to try this tool and share the highlight gameplay moments.