Internet live radio is a service that transmit radio shows through Internet. Nowadays, people can stream Internet radio to listen to various stations from around the world. That's very fantastic. However, you are unable to download such Internet live radio for later playback. If you want to enjoy live radio at anytime you like, you need to record such live radio and save it in your computer. Thus, in case that you wish to record Internet radio to save your favorite songs or talk shows, you should need some radio recorders. So here I will introduce you an Internet radio recorder to facilitate your job.

The Best Way to Record Internet Live Radio on Windows/Mac

Recording Internet live radio can be accomplished by using specialized software that employs your system's sound card to record audio. Speaking of radio recorder software, the first one to mention must be VideoSolo Screen Recorder, which is a professional streaming audio recorder. It allows you to record not only Internet online radio, but also all types of streaming music and save them to high-quality MP3/M4A/WMA audio track. Moreover, you can turn on its microphone to record any other sound in case the system sound is unavailable.

Step 1. Choose "Audio Recorder"

Download and install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac, then launch the program. In the main interface, choose "Audio Recorder".

Choose Audio Recorder

Step 2. Adjust Radio Recording Settings

In the "Audio Recorder" window, you can firstly click the "Settings" button to adjust the output format and quality. You are available to choose to record Internet radio as MP3, AAC, M4A and WMA and change the quality of the radio recording.

Adjust Radio Recording Settings

Step 3. Turn on "System Audio"

For record online audio, music or live radio, you have to turn on "System Audio" and turn off "Microphone" to avoid noise before recording. If you would like to add your own voice, you can just turn on the "Microphone" button and adjust the volume at will.

Audio Settings

Step 4. Start Recording Internet Live Radio

Open the live radio you want to record before its starting, when everything is ready, click "REC" to start recording. Then you can see a window, here you can pause or stop the recording, or adjust the volume.

Record Internet Live Radio

When it is done, click the "Stop" icon and save your recording audio. It is allowed you to preview the audio, if you are not satisfied, you can click "Re-record" to record again. Or, just click "Next" to save it. And you can enjoy the recording radio or share with others as you like.

After you enter into the interface of "Audio Recorder", click the "Task Schedule" icon to add a new task. You can rename the task and adjust the starting time and ending time according to the show schedule, then click "OK".

Task Schedule

Note: Make sure you keep your computer and VideoSolo Screen Recorder running and the turn on the radio station before its broadcast.

That's the complete tutorial on how you can record Internet radio on Windows/Mac effortlessly. VideoSole Screen Recorder is a powerful program that you can even start a schedule recording. With just a few simple steps, you have no need to worry missing any online radio show any more! Your favorite program, music and shows will never be gone with wind. Hope it helps!