Netflix users are able to binge-watch a large number of popular movies and shows on the platform, but they are more likely to be troubled by the difficulty of watching Netflix movies offline without any limit. Actually, Netflix has a built-in feature to download a movie, but there might be sorts of problems as below. Therefore, record Netflix movie is still necessary in some cases.

1. Some movies on Netflix are not available for downloading.

2. There are time limits of the downloaded Netflix movies.

3. Depending on different Netflix streaming package, there are devices download restrictions.

4. Cannot watch the downloaded movie without logging in Netflix.

5. If you want to capture a full scene such as the interactive film "Bandersnatch", you'd better record it.

Now, Let's move on to learn how to record Netflix movie!

A Professional Recorder: Record Netflix for Offline Viewing

Among a variety of screen captures, there is one which is worth trying to record Netflix movie — VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

It is a professional screen recording program proud of its stability in long-hour recording and high quality in output. Assisted by VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can easily grab Netflix streaming videos while watching for the sake of offline access or playback. It supports recording both video and audio tracks, by doing which you can safely avoid capturing any annoying distractions. Try it free by clicking the button below.

Here are simple steps for you to use VideoSolo Screen Recorder of Windows version as a way to capture videos from Netflix for watching at any time and anywhere.

Step 1. Select Video Recorder

Once you have installed it on your PC, fire it up and you will see a window below. Choose "Video Recorder". Then, prepare to start your Netflix movie. Make sure there is good internet speed to play Netflix movie online smoothly.

Choose Video Recorder

Step 2. Adjust Recording Region and Sound

VideoSolo Screen Recorder enables you to select any section of the screen. For recording Netflix, we generally choose "Full region". If your computer screen has 4K resolution and plays Netflix movie in 4K, you are able to capture a 4K video too. That's amazing because Netflix only supports downloading video up to 1080P resolution.

To make sure your recorded Netflix movies are noise-free, turn off the "Microphone" sound but turn on the "System Sound".

Select Netflix Recording Area

Step 3. Preference Settings (Optional)

Click on "More Settings" to preset your preferences. In the pop-up window, there are various settings. You can enable or disable some of the settings as you prefer.

If you are going to capture the entire Netflix screen and do not want any distractions on the recording video, try to tick "Hide float bar when recording" and "Auto hide the system taskbar when recording" as you desire. Meanwhile, you should also keep in mind your hotkeys to stop capturing and show the floating bar since during recording Netflix there is no button for you to stop.

More Settings for Netflix Recording

Step 4. Clip and Save the Recorded Netflix Movie

Now click on "REC" to record, then begin to play your Netflix movie. After recording, there's a window for you to clip the Netflix movie. You can cut off the excess of the front and back, then save your recorded Netflix movies and then you can enjoy them forever without restrictions from Netflix.

Save Your Recorded Netflix Movies

[Slow Internet Connection?] Use Netflix Download Feature Before Record

As we know, Netflix has a built-in download feature. Recording while playing is convenient but the internet connection speed will need to be fast enough to play Netflix movie smoothly. Since online streaming is extremely vulnerable to a slow or intermittent connection, download the movie before recording is a good choice to make sure you capture the Netflix movie without any pause. Otherwise, it is necessary to know how to download a Netflix video before record.

Tips: On the computer, Netflix has only rolled out a download feature on Netflix App for Windows 8 and 10.

For most popular films or any other Netflix content, such as "Stranger Things" or "The Crown", Netflix members of the latest version can download them on "Menu" > "Available for Download" interface. To cache your loved Netflix streaming videos, just tap on or click the down arrow button on each movie or each episode of TV series.

Step 1. Click on "Available for download".

Netflix Available for Download

Step 2. Click the Download Button.

Netflix Download Button

Step 3. After download, use VideoSolo Screen Recorder to record it without worrying about the slow internet connection.

With VideoSolo Screen Recorder, no need to worry about all the limitation of Netflix. You are now able to view or transfer the downloaded Netflix movie on any device such as your iPad, your mobile phone forever. But just remember, the recorded movie cannot be shared with other people because Netflix movie is under strong copyright protection.