Skype has long been a popular online chatting tool for various uses, like business meeting, online lesson and personal chat. And as such, so many people search "how can I record my Skype calls?" on Google, for these Skype calls might be particularly important and valuable, and that need to be recorded and played back.

Whatever reasons for recording Skype meeting, the point of today's passage is how to record Skype calls on PC within easy steps. There are a host of Skype recorders in the market, here we would like to pick a quite professional screen recorder for you and show the detailed steps.

What Can VideoSolo Screen Recorder Do

VideoSolo Screen Recorder supports a combination of video screen recorder with or without webcam, audio recorder and screenshots. Users can either manually specify recording area or caputure anything in active window, like Skype, or a full screen within one click on a selection menu. This recording app is pretty stable so that you will never concern yourself with recording long-hour Skype meetings.

How to Record Skype Calls with Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download it below, and then locate the downloaded file on your computer to start installation.

After the installation finished, double click the program icon to launch this program. Here pops up its main interface.

Main Interface for Skype Recorder

Step 2. Select "Video Recorder" from the main interface to record your Skype meetings. Click the third button and forth button respectively to adjust the volume of the system sound and microphone. The former corresponds to the voice of the person you are conversing with while the latter to your voice volume.

Note: The Mac version only supports recording and adjusting the microphone sound.

Main Interface of Video Recorder

Step 3. Navigate your cursor to drag the recording area to match with or to include the Skype window frame.

An alternative way of defining Skype calls recording area is to click the screen display icon button to open a drop-down list of six different modes. You are expected to tick the "Full screen"to record the entire screen or the "Lock window" to record the active skype program window.

Step 4. If you do not want to show Float bar during skype business meetings recording, go to Video Recorder > more settings > recording, and tick "Hide float bar when recording". You can change other settings as you prefer.

Specify Preferencs for Recording

Slide downt to set your hotkeys for Pause, Resume and Stop recording, and Show and Hide float panel during recording.

Specify Hotkeys

Step 5. You can either click on the solid rectangular icon on the top left hand of the float bar to stop recording or use the stop hotkey you have already set. After previewing, click "SAVE". Define file location and click "NEXT". Then the Skype business interviews are saved to your directory.

Preview Your Recorded Skype Calls

Part 3. After Recording Skype Calls

VideoSolo Screen Recorder automatically names the captured files, but you can rename them on the window which pops up after you successfully save them. On this window, you can also choose to share the recorded Skype interviews, business sessions or some interesting calls with others via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the already recorded videos, you can click the top right button and download VideoSolo Converter Ultimate to edit and convert for free.

Share Recorded Skype Calls with Others

So, due to its clean operational interface and ease of use, VideoSolo Screen Recorder can really quicken your Skype calls recording activities. More features are waiting for you to explore. Why not get it right now? If you have any questions, please contact us through emails or write your comments below.