In recent years, live video streaming enjoys increasing popularity across all walks of life, particularly in the gaming industry and social eating. Usually, these live streaming videos can still attract millions of attention if completely recorded and uploaded to some popular social media, like YouTube. And in such other occasions as making educational lessons, presentations, speeches and makeup tutorials, etc, webcam video recording also plays a role.

So, how can we successfully record webcam videos within simple steps? VideoSolo Screen Recorder might be a solid solution.

Best Webcam Recorder: VideoSolo Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is designed to record webcam and screen, and screen videos along with a webcam. So whether you want to record a spectacular computer game with your commentary and reaction shots, or capture instructional lectures or tutorials, this video recording software is going to provide you an unforgettable experience considering its ease of use. You can specify your recording area and adjust the volume of system audios and microphone at will before capturing. Even during recording, you are free to add annotations to highlight your points, take screenshots and adjust sound effects.

You are allowed to use a trial version to try the full features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder but with some limitations. If it works well for you, a full version (less than $35 for a lifetime) is recommended.

How to Capture Computer Webcam on Windows 10

Here are simple steps to record webcam on Windows 10 with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

1) First, download it by clicking on the button below. After installing and launching it, you will find an intuitive interface like this.

Main interface for Skype Recorder

2) Click “Video Recorder” on the main interface. You will find there is a rectangular frame which is exactly the recording area disassociated from the operational window. Before opening the webcam, you should first specify the size of the recording area by either dragging the frame or ticking mode selections of the drop-down menu beside the first button.

Main Interface of Video Recorde

3) Hit on the webcam icon button to enable your camera of your Windows 10 computer. You should put the webcam window to a certain place inside the recording area (the rectangular frame).

Tips: You can also freely move the webcam window during recording.

4) The third and fourth buttons control system audio and microphone respectively. Adjust the volume to your satisfaction.

5) Click “More setting” above the fourth button to open preferences window where you can specify any parameters, like output video and audio format. Hotkeys to stop, pause and resume, hide and show the toolbar, etc. are free to change to your convenience.

Specify Recording Parameters

6) After all are set, tick “REC” on the right hand to initiate recording.

During recording, you are offered a variety of features on the floating bar, including taking screenshots by clicking the camera icon, adjusting sound effects by clicking the top rightest button, etc.

Toolbar for Drawing and Annotations

7) To stop capturing webcam video, you need to click the solid square button on the left hand or use your Stop hotkey. Then preview the video, and save it to your specified directory on your computer.

You can even share it with your friends via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Now, you are comfortably done with webcam capturing.

Share Recording Videos

Having gone through the above procedures, you may agree that VideoSolo Screen Recorder is quite a good solution to webcam recording or screen recording along with a webcam. With it, you are free to enjoy the most comfortable recording experience and record the most satisfying webcam video on Windows 10. Hope this instruction can help you.