YouTube live stream allows YouTuber to start streaming videos in real time. Although many live stream videos will be recorded and archived by YouTube automatically for people to look back on the site online, you can't sure if the live stream video still goes for public access after it's done. The YouTuber may delete it or change the setting of the archive. Besides, for different live stream types, YouTube will provide different archive lengths. If the stream exceeds archive length, it may not be captured at all.

Based on the above, how to ensure that you get a full live stream video to playback? The best approach is to record a YouTube live stream from the beginning to the end using a screen recorder, and VideoSolo Screen Recorder can be your best choice. It's so powerful to record all the screen movements including YouTube live stream videos, music, and any other videos on Mac/Windows computer. The quality of the recorded video is almost as perfect as the original. With this program, you are able to go back and watch the video again even when you haven't got any device connected to the internet, without being limited to YouTube and YouTubers.

Use VideoSolo Screen Recorder to Record YouTube Live Stream

Any state of YouTube live streams can be easily recorded with VideoSolo Screen Recorder, then you can transmit and playback the video in all kinds of devices.

Record Past Live Streams and "Live Now" Streams

Step 1. Click "Video Recorder" to Capture Screen and Audio

To record the YouTube live stream, you will need to capture the picture and sound through video recorder. If you just want to record the audio in YouTube live stream. You can click "Audio Recorder" and learn through How to Record Audio from the Internet (Include Streaming Music and Radio).

Click Video Recorder

Step 2. Adjust the Recording Area

Using "Custom" to hover over the YouTube live stream region you want to record. Remember the "System Sound" button should be toggled on and set proper system volume.

Adjust Recording Area

Step 3. Adjust Output and Hardware Acceleration Settings

Hit "More settings" to adjust more preference. you have the option to record YouTube live stream in lossless quality and 60fps frame rate. VideoSolo Screen Recorder also enable you to have hardware acceleration. It can not only reduce system load but also allows high-definition video to be recorded quickly and achieves high compression.

Adjust More Preference

Step 4. Start Recording in One Click

Click "REC", then recording begins. While the recording, you will be able to capture the full screen of the YouTube live stream video if you hide the floating bar.

Start Recording

Record Unstarted YouTube Live Stream

YouTube will show the beginning time of the unstarted live stream. Therefore, you can click "Task Schedule" to set in advance. When time is up, the recording will start automatically. You only need to make the YouTube live start playing.

Set Task Schedule

Save Past Live Streams with Online Video Downloader

To save the past YouTube live stream, directly download is indeed more convenient than the record. It is pleasantly surprising that VideoSolo company also provides VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. It's a free tool to download video and audio from popular sites. Now You can download the past YouTube live stream with ease.

Step 1. Click into the Past Livestream and Copy Link

Select the YouTube live stream video you wish to download and copy its link.

Copy Linke

Step 2. Paste the Link into Download Bar

Open VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. Paste the link and click "Download".

Paste the Link

Step 3. Select the Format and Quality to Download

Choose the format and quality of the YouTube live stream you wish to download. This online video download can also be used on a mobile phone.

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A Free Way to Download YouTube Video to iPhone/iPad

[Free Tool]How to Download YouTube Videos to Android Phone

Select to Download

In summary, you are able to record any kinds of YouTube live stream. When saving the "live now" stream and unstarted live stream, you can use VideoSolo Screen Recorder. When the live stream is already past and has a public archive, use VideoSolo Online Video Downloader to download will be a bit convenient way. You can look back the video infinitely, no longer worry about losing the archive of the YouTube live stream.