4 Easy Steps to Record YouTube Live Stream [Recommended]

By Karen Nelson Last updated : August 24, 2021

As live streaming becomes increasingly popular, millions of people are familiar with this type of content. YouTube Live, the world’s biggest live streaming platform, has attracted so many people from across the globe and of different ages to interact with each other in real time. As a viewer, you can stream an event, learn from an online class, attend a workshop, or participate in a virtual concert. But not all of the YouTube Live sessions happen exactly the time when you are available because obviously you don’t glue your eyes to the screen.

Worse, YouTube Live streaming content might disappear or can be deleted by its creator. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to record a YouTube Live stream, which ensures you not to miss out on any highlighted moments. In this post, you will learn how to capture or record live streaming videos from platforms such as YouTube. Also, you can leverage a professional YouTube Live stream recorder that comes with a task scheduler for recording a session that might happen at 3 AM in your time zone. All that said, let’s review the option.

How to Record YouTube Live Videos? (Past Live Streams & Real-time Live Streams)

With all different streaming video capture tools available, VideoSolo Screen Recorder will be our top recommendation for recording YouTube Live videos. If you’ve never used a screen recorder before, the intuitive user interface of VideoSolo will definitely provide a smooth using experience.

Besides recording live streaming videos, you can also utilize it to record your screen activities, record system sound and microphone sound, and therefore create a demo tutorial fast and easily. All videos recorded will never be covered with an ugly watermark. And this useful screen recorder even gives you the ability to edit your YouTube Live recording such as cut or trim out the parts you don’t need.

Despite that, if the YouTube Live videos you recorded are mainly gaming live streams, VideoSolo is also built-in with a Game Recorder to empower you to get a high-quality result. Better still, VideoSolo supports recording in 60 FPS to help you get lag-free video.

STEP 1. Click "Video Recorder" to Capture YouTube Live Stream

After downloading and installing the screen recorder, launch the program. You can select from three different modes to start recording.

If you want to record the video and audio of a YouTube live stream simultaneously, you should choose "Video Recorder". To record only audio from the YouTube live stream, just click "Audio Recorder". You may also learn more details through this article How to Record Audio from the Internet (Include Streaming Music and Radio).

Main Interface of VideSolo Screen Recorder

STEP 2. Adjust the Recording Area

As you proceed to Video Recorder, you may choose to record Full Screen, Fixed Screen, or Custom Window. After adjusting the recording area, remember to toggle on "System Sound" to set proper system volume. To avoid unnecessary noise, it is suggested to turn off the microphone unless you may want to narrate while recording a Live stream.

Select Live Stream Recording Region

STEP 3. Adjust Output and Hardware Acceleration Settings

Now, go to "Preferences" by clicking the gear-icon on the interface. On the pop-up window, click on the Output tab. Here you can change location for your output files. Also, you can alter the video output format, video quality, frame rate, audio format and audio quality. The supported output formats include MP4, MOV, WMV, MP3, AAC, and etc.

If your computer runs with good performance, you may select 60 FPS for exporting but at the cost of creating a large file. To take full advantage of the program, don’t forget to enable Hardware Acceleration from the Others tab. This will make the recording task done efficiently.

Preference Output

STEP 4. Start Recording YouTube Live Stream

Once you’ve adjusted the output settings, click on the red "REC" button to begin recording a YouTube live stream. Of course, during the recording process, you will be able to capture full screen of the YouTube live stream video if you select to hide the floating bar. Also, VideoSolo gives the option to add annotations, add shapes and arrows when capturing your screen. Directly click the Edit icon to open the drawing panels.

Start Recording

Tips: How to Recover the Recording When It Accidentally Stops?

Don’t be worried if you accidentally exit the recording process. VideoSolo Screen Recorder will automatically save a temporary backup when recording. The next time when you launch the program, it will detect the backup and remind you whether to keep the recording.

Unsaved Recording Detected Window

If there is no such reminder, you may go to "Preference" > "Output" > "Location of temporary file" to see whether there are these two files: ScreenCapture.h264 and the Speaker.wav (if you have recorded an audio). When the files stay still, you can contact our support team to help you recover this recording.

How to Record Live Stream Video that Hasn’t Started Yet

A YouTube Live stream may happen across different time zones. If you don't want to sit by computer to wait until it ends, the task scheduler designed in VideoSolo can be especially convenient. Basically, it is a powerful automatic video recording feature that enables every user to flexibly record videos they want.

Normally, YouTube will show the beginning time of a live stream. Therefore, you can click "Task Schedule" (which is shown as a Clock icon) to set in advance. But this function is only launched in the Windows version.

Here’s how to use this function to record YouTube live stream automatically.

  • Step 1. Enter into the main interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder and you can find "Task Schedule" is on the bottom column.

  • Step 2. On the pop-up window, press on "Add new task" to add your live streaming recording task.

  • Step 3. Set its start time and stop time. Please note that you should adjust the recording settings before you create the task.

  • Step 4. After that, click “OK” to save your operation. To make your task available, and ensure it will be recorded successfully, remember not to keep your computer in sleep or lock mode. For detailed guide of using this function, you may read this article: How to Use Task Scheduler of VideoSolo Screen Recorder (Windows).

Task Schedule Settiing

When time is up, the program will automatically start recording, making it also convenient to record live radio or sport show.

FAQs about YouTube Live Stream

Despite learning how to record YouTube Live stream on your computer, we’ve also collected some frequently asked questions to clear your doubts. Also, there are some tips for screen recording YouTube Live videos to help you gain better control.

Can you record a Live stream on Android smartphones or iPhone?

Very similar to recording a Live streaming video on computer, you can also record a YouTube Live stream on Android or iPhone. Commonly, Android smartphones running Android 11 and up or iPhone with iOS or later feature a built-in screen recording tool that enables you to record screen activity and even a YouTube Live stream.

To open the built-in screen recorder, you can swipe down from the top of your screen and find the screen record icon from the control center. Tap the Record button and wait for the countdown to begin. When you stop the recording, the screen recording can be found in your phone’s Photos app.

Will YouTube automatically save the live stream videos?

Yes. In fact, YouTube has an archive feature which gives you the chance to find and review the Live streaming that you’ve missed. Here’s how the archive feature works. If the live stream is less than 12 hours, YouTube can automatically archive the file. And video resolution that are higher than 1080p (such as 1440p and 4K) can be easily saved once you enable the YouTube Archive setting.

Still, the best and guaranteed method to preserve the YouTube Live video is to stream and record at the same time so that you can have a local archive as a backup.

Is it possible to download YouTube Live stream?

Yes. Given the fact that YouTube will automatically generate stream archive videos, it is easy to download live streaming videos on YouTube once you find and get the specific video link. If you are not inclined to search and install an extra video downloader, definitely try out VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. This useful online tool is compatible with different devices including your Windows PC, Mac, Android phones, and iPhone. Simply copy and paste the YouTube Live stream link that you find on the Live channel, and then the online video downloader will analyze the link and generate several download options respectively.

Download YouTube Live Stream Online

How to Manage Live Streaming Recording More Flexibly? (Extra Tips)

Usually, a YouTube live stream can take 2 hours or more. Choosing a lossless format for output can guarantee a good viewing experience, but you will get a video of big file size. Therefore, when it comes to recording a video that runs a long time, you may select a suitable format or codec method to balance picture quality and video file size. Many people opt to MP4 format in that it shows good compatibility, maintain fine details, and delivers a smaller file.

To tweak the output setting in VideoSolo, just click on the settings icon and open the “Preference” > “Output”. For people who are prefer MP4 format, we recommend the following exporting settings.




Frame rate






24fps (Recommend),30fps, 60fps











24fps (Recommend),30fps, 60fps






But if you prefer format uses lossless compression, and still want to get a small video file, try utilize video compressors to reduce video file size.

Final Words

VideoSolo Screen Recorder helps you easily record a YouTube live stream no matter it is a past Live stream or one that hasn't started yet. Now, you can record streaming videos at any time. Also, feel free to enjoy the recorded video on any devices even without the Internet.