How to Record Zoom Meeting Without the Permission of Host

By Karen Nelson Last updated: September 15, 2020

Now, Zoom is widely used among the video conference between colleagues, online classes in school, etc. But sometimes, the distractions, tech issues, or other problems can lead to missing out on essential information. The best solution for this problem is to record the whole Zoom meeting, so you can re-watch the important stuff of the conference.

Zoom lets you record calls whether you're a free user or a paid user. However, free user can only be able to save recording to computer, but paid users can save the recording to the cloud. And please note that only the host and the participant authorized by the host can start the recording of Zoom meeting. What if you can't get permission to record Zoom meeting from the host? Don't worry, we will show you how to record Zoom meeting call with or without permission here.

How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission

Participants have to get the recording privilege from the host to start recording the Zoom meeting. But if you can't get the recording permission from the host, you can use a third-party screen record like VideoSolo Screen Recorder to help you record Zoom meeting without permission.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a powerful desktop software to record all the computer sound, microphone sound, and image from Zoom meeting on both Windows and Mac. Same as Zoom local recorder, it can set recording area, use hotkeys to control, draw, and add all kinds of annotations. Beyond that, it has amazing recording functions such as record the Zoom meeting as so many formats, preview before save and take snapshots while recording. Most importantly, with VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you are able to record freely without the authorization from the host.

# Step 1. Select "Video Recorder" to Record Zoom Meeting

In the main interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder, click "Video Recorder" to record both video and audio. If you want to record audio only, you can use audio recorder (Learn more about audio recording in this article: [High Quality] Simple Way to Record Computer Audio.

Main Interface

# Step 2. Select Recording Area and Adjust Sound

Full screen, fixed region and User-defined are provided. Choose one of them to custom your Zoom meeting screen area. Full Screen is recommended for recording important meetings. Then, modify the system sound and microphone sound to a comfortable volume.

Select Zoom Meeting Recording Area

# Step 3. Select Output Format and Set Hotkeys

This screen recorder provides various video output format including MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, TS, AVI and Gif. Click the gear-shaped icon and go to "Output" tab, you can set video format/quality, frame rate and location of output files. In order to get a high-quality Zoom meeting video and save computer memory, I recommend this scheme:

Windows/Mac (Vdieo)




Frame rate




24fps (Recommend), 30fps, 60fps

Select Output Format

If you set "Full screen" to record Zoom meeting, you can use hotkeys to control the recording.

Use Hotkeys to Control Recording

# Step 4. Click "REC" In the Video Setting Interface to Begin Recording

When you finish setting, join the existing Zoom meeting in progress or start to host a meeting. Then you can click "REC" to record. Functions such as hide the bar, set recording length, take snapshot, or draw are all supported in VideoSolo Screen Recorder. When stopped, a preview window will pop up then you can decide whether to save it in your local drive.

Zoom Record

Part 2. How to Record Zoom Meeting with Permission of Host

As we said before, Zoom offers two options for recording: local recording and cloud recording. The local recording will save the file on your local storage drive. Cloud recording is only available to paid subscribers. And only hosts and co-hosts can start a cloud recording. As a participant, you can contact the host to ask whether he/she can give you the access to start local recording.

Here is the official guide for how to start local recording and cloud recording in Zoom.

How to start local recording in Zoom

How to start cloud recording in Zoom

The official guide is a little complicated, so next we will show you the 3 steps to record Zoom meeting if you're a participant.

Step 1. If the host has granted you permission to record the ongoing meeting, there is a "Record" button at the bottom of the screen. Click the button to start recording Zoom meeting call.

Cloud Recording Options

Step 2. You will see a red dot in the top-left corner while the recording is active. There are also buttons to pause or stop the Zoom recording. After the meeting is ended, Zoom will automatically convert the meeting recording to files you can access.

Step 3. The local recording files will be saved in the default location:

PC: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom

Mac: /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

The use of Zoom local recorder is really suitable on Zoom App. While on record Zoom meeting from Mac/Windows computer as a participant, VideoSolo Screen Recorder may be a more outstanding method. It can capture all your computer movements including online meetings, webstream and gameplay. You are welcome to have a try.

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