I think you will be totally out of your mind when you are trying to review a video about an unforgettable moment in your life, or when you are watching a long-awaited film, but only find that there is some background noise there. "Where is the noise from? Can anything remove that stupid noise from the video?" Just calm down, I think almost all people would run into that kind of trouble like you. So if you are suffering from the video noise and hope to enhance your video quality, I highly recommend you to use VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. Then it will become easy for you to remove video noise. I will show you, and what you need to do is to follow the steps as below:

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows released a new version which doesn't have the "Video Enhancer" feature. So, the download link below is still the old version. Please don't upgrade the program if you still want to use the feature.

How to Enhance Video Quality with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

To begin with, you need to own yourself a VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. Download the program, no escape from any installing instruction. In this way, it will save you from the second time installing. After this, you will run into an interface as below. And then it's time for you to take the actual move to enhance the video quality.

Step 2. Upload Video

There are two ways for you uploading the video. (1) One click at "Add File" icon and choose the video that needed to be enhanced. (2) You can just simply drag and drop the video to the main window. After this, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will automatically swift to an editing interface.

Upload Video

Step 3. Remove Video Noise

You can directly press "Video Enhance" to carry on your plan. As we can see, after we enter the "Enhance" zone, all the functions are showed vividly and the detail of every function is also well displayed on the screen. To remove the video noise, we just need to tick "Remove video noise". Then you can just close the window or press "Apply". Meanwhile, another window will come up to confirm whether you want to save the changes you have made to the video. Press the "Yes" button and that's what we need.

Enhance Video

Step 4. Convert Video

Preview the video and press the button "Convert" afterward. The program begins to run, which is trying to make the whole video get rid of the unexpected noise. It will only take a few seconds for the program to do it. Once it is 100% done, press the button "Completed" in the bottom right corner. And you'd better preview the whole video again to check it out. You will be delightful to find out the noise in the video is lessened.

Converted Video

Step 5. Save Video

The final step is also of great importance because I think no one would like to look for his final work everywhere. Thus, this step can make the video settle in the right place. If you don't want to save the video in the default folder, you can click "Browse" to change it.

Video Enhancements

Apart from removing video noise, there are three more things you can do to enhance the quality of your video, namely: upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast and reduce video shaking. Now let's see what they can do to our video.

1. Upscale Resolution

When you are watching a vague video, how would you feel? Quite frustrated, right? That's why we need to convert lower resolution video to a higher one. For example, we can convert 1080p to the 4K movie. By doing so, the image will be more vivid. To make this happen, we can just do the exact the same steps as we are trying to remove the noise in the video. However, we make a small difference in the third step, we choose "Upscale resolution" instead.

2. Optimize Brightness and Contrast

We are in living in an information age, so most of us would spend more time on our phone or computer. Longtime staring at the screen, it becomes so urgent for us to protect our eyes. That's also the reason why we need to optimize brightness and contrast of our video. Yep, a simple tick on the "Optimize brightness and contrast" will work.

3. Reduce Video Shaking

Not everyone is a professional cameraman, therefore we may sometimes shoot some shaky videos. We never want our beloved video to become trash, and it makes us feel that we are missing a wonderful memory of our life. Don't panic, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will help you out. One click on "Reduce video shaking" can reduce shaking motion and you can get a stabilized image.

Video plays an important role in our daily life, not only in recording our life stories but also in entertaining us. Besides, people now are also chasing for perfect videos in high quality, and VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can make it come true. Too much noise in the video? It is only a few clicks before you own a video without any video noise in it. And other problems like resolution, brightness and contrast, and video shaking won't be an obstacle to us anymore. Hence, come and download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.