We may meet some situations that need to resize a video or change its aspect ration, like:

#1. Play a wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) video on the device which have 4:3 aspect ration screen.

#2. Upload a video to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., but don't have a correct size.


If the video size or the aspect ratio is not correct, the video will either not play at all or will be displayed incorrectly (probably with stretched-out images). So leaning how to resize a video is important to solve such problems. Next, we will provide a powerful and reliable video resizer to help you resize video size.

A Video Resizer that You Shouldn't Miss

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, is mainly designed for converting video/audio formats. But, it can be also used to resize a video. With this program, you can

• Crop video to a fixed screen size, such as square, widescreen and portrait.

• Change the video aspect ration from the presets.

And at the same time, you can convert your video to a video format that compatible with your devices, or video sharing platforms better. You can download the trial version from the button below to have a try.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows released a new version which doesn't have the "Change Aspect Ratio" feature. So, the download link below is still the old version. Please don't upgrade the program if you still want to use the feature.

How to Use VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate to Resize Video

#1. Resize A Video by Changing the Aspect Ratio

Step 1. Add Video Files

Open VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and import your video files by clicking "Add File(s)" button or dragging files from computer.

Add Video Files

Step 2. Resize A Video Automatically

Tips: If you want to resize video for YouTube or Facebook, you can open "Profile" drop-down list > "Streaming Video" > "YouTube HD Video/ YouTube Video (.flv or .mp4)" or "Facebook Video".

Set Output Format for YouTube

To change the aspect ratio, you can click "Settings" to open profile settings window where you can set different aspect ratio to fit your screen.

Change Video Aspect Ratio

Step 3. Output the Video

The final step is clicking the "Convert" button to start converting your video to the size you need.

Output the Video

#2. Resize A Video by Cropping the Video

Step 1. Import Videos

Also, launch the program and import your video to it.

Import Videos

Step 2. Crop Video

Click on "Edit" button on the main interface and go to "Crop". You can adjust the yellow lines to crop the video file dimensions and trim off unnecessary parts of the video. Or you can specify a width and height by entering numbers in "Crop" Area Size".

There are original and output previews as below, so you can instantly see what your resized video looks like.

Crop Video

Then, choose a resize mode from the given options:

Letterbox: Display the original full image without filling the whole screen. The free space between the video image and screen edge appears as black bars.

Pan & Scan: Retain only part of the original video frame, which will fill the whole screen. And the other part of the video frame will be cut off.

Medium: A combination of Pan & Scan and Full, which simultaneously cut off and stretch the original video frame size to the chosen width and height.

Full: Stretch or condense the original video frame to the specified frame size.

Select Zoom Mode

Step 3. Resize Your Video

You have to choose a output format then you can output the video your resized. After you confirm all the steps, you can start the video conversion process by clicking on the "Convert" button.

Resize Your Video

Now you have learned how to use VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate to resize your video, and obviously you can notice that this program is so powerful that it is not only a resizer, but also a video converter. So do not hesitate to have your first try. If you have any question about this program, welcome to contact our support.