Want to rotate the sideways or upside down videos for watching convenience? Or have the clips that need to rotate for advanced editing? Follow use here, and you'll get the method to rotate your videos quick and easy, with the help of VideoSolo EditFUN.

As its name suggest, EditFUN is a video editor which aims to help common users make stunning and charming videos with their creation. It features all the basic editing tool and build-in rich effect and color, etc. But now it only have the windows version. You can get it from the button below.

Now Start Rotating Your Video

Step 1. Import Video to Library and Timeline

After installing the video editor, import your video files to the library

Then, you have to add the file to timeline for rotating.

Step 2. Select "Rotate" Effect

To rotate video in EditFUN, you need to apply an effect.

First, select the video clip you want to rotate in timeline and go to "Effect" > "Rotate and Scale". You can click the "+" icon or drag the effect to the clip to apply this effect.

Add Effect

Step 3. Set the Angle of Rotation

After added this effect, click the "Edit" icon on the toolbar to set the angle of rotation. In the opened "Effect Template" window, find the rotate option and set the value according to your need.

Just ignore other parameters setting on this window.

Export the Video

Step 4. Preview and Export

Well, you can preview the rotated video in the preview window. Then, click "Export" button from the menu bar to export the video.

Export the Video

Now, you have successfully rotate the video. In fact, this dedicated video editor have other useful features to inspire you to make a movie-looking video. Why not have a more in-depth look now?

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