Sometimes when we do the video editing, we may only need a short clip from a long movie or music file. And to help you quickly get the clip you need, VideoSolo EditFUN offers "Rough Cut" feature after you import file into the media library.

See How to Use the "Rough Cut" feature

After importing your files into the program, double click the file on the library or right click-click the file > choose "Rough Cut", you can open the "Rough Cut" window.

Rough Cut

Video: Trim the source video and get the video clip you need.

Video Rough Cut

Image: Set the duration of the image playing.

Image Rough Cut

Audio: Trim the source audio to get the audio clip you need.

Audio Rough Cut


After cutting the video/audio files, the source file in the media library will be replaced. But it will not affect the file that imported to timeline before.

File Comparsion After Rough Cut

In fact, you can directly trim the video in timeline carefully. But this "Rough Cut" feature may help some users save time when they only need a certain part of one long media file. When you get the part you need, you can import them to timeline for further editing.