Split screen, is a technique which can show 2 or more video clips on the same screen at the same time. You can apply this technique to compare two similar products, show gameplay in different directions or connect different scenes at same time, etc.

It's really a great technique to help people show the connections between two or more things. And it will make your video looks much better. And today we will show how to create split-screen effect.

How to Create Split-screen Effect with Few Steps

The program we used today is VideoSolo EditFUN. This program is capable of making split screen video easily. It allows you to customize different styles of split screen. The video quantities that you can put in the same screen is unlimited. Below, we will make a left-right split screen effect.

Step 1. Import Your Videos to Library

Click "Import" button on menu bar. Or you can drag the video files to the library directly.

Import Media File

Step 2. Create A Split-Screen Effect

At first, add one video in the timeline from the library and go to "Effect" > "Mask". You have to select the video clip in timeline and then click "+" to apply this effect. Or you can directly drag the effect into timeline.

Click "Edit the effect" icon on the video clip and you'll go to the "Effect Template" window where you can customize the effect.

• From the "Shape", you can select the "Mask" type. I selected the "Rectangle".

• Change the "Softness" to 0%. Or just select the value you need.

• Adjust the "Width" and "Height" to change the screen size.

• Adjust the "Vertical" or "horizontal" to move the mask.

Add Mask

Then, add another video into another track and follow the same steps above. This time, you need to cover another side on the screen like below. Please make sure these two clips are started from the same time.

Add Another Mask

Now you can preview the split-screen effect on the left preview window. If you don't like it, you can go back to the "Effect Template" to edit it again.

Split Screen

Step 3. Export Video Files

Find and click "Export" button on the menu bar, then it will pop up a window. You can specify the output details like video format, output folder, resolution, bit rate and so on.

Or just continue to edit your video with more effects build-in EditFUN.


That's it. Creating a split-screen is so easy with VideoSolo EditFUN. You can make a split-screen effect in different style by change the parameters. If you have a great creation in split-screen, welcome to share with us!