Actually, we often meet the situations that we have to trim the video/audio files when we do the editing work. No matter you want to pull out a short snippet from a longer clip, or just need to remove the messy part at the beginning and end. This is one of the most important step to make your video more stunning.

Next, let's go to the theme directly. This guide will show the easy steps to trim your videos, without any complex skills. But we need to download a powerful video editor - VideoSolo EditFUN first.

1. Adjust the beginning or end Timing of the Edits on Timeline

If the unwanted part is at the beginning or the end of the video/audio clips, you have a direct ways to trim it.

Step 1. Add Files into Timeline

After you import the media files to the library, you have to add it into timeline for trimming. Click on "+" icon or directly drag it into timeline. For detailed guide, please refer to:

How to Import Media to Library in EditFUN

How to Add/Delete Files on Timeline

Add Files to Timeline

Step 2. Trim the Video/Audio Files

Hang your mouse at the edge of the video clips until the trim icon shows up, then drag it forward or backward to the ending points of the unwanted part to trim it out .

Adjust the Length of Clips

2.Clip the Video/Audio from the Middle of Files

If the unwanted part is in the middle of your video/audio clips, you need to split the clip first then delete the split part. In this way, you can successfully trim it.

Step 1. Add Clips to Timeline First

This steps is the same with above. You have to add the clip you want to trim into timeline first.

Step 2. Trim Files

#1. Drag the cursor forward or backward to locate the beginning and ending points of the unwanted part.

#2. Click the "Clip" icon on the toolbar to split the clip.


Step 3. Delete the Unwanted Part

After trimming the clip, you can click "Delete" icon on the toolbar to remove the unwanted part.

Delete the Clip

Now, you have finished the trimming work of your edit. You can export this video via clicking "Export video and play" icon from the menu bar. Or you can bring more creative effects to your video with the various editing features offered by VideoSolo EditFUN.

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