Some YouTube users must have tried to search ways for uploading their MKV file to YouTube before. When we talk about uploading MKV video, it is necessary to know what is MKV first. MKV, one of the video formats of Matroska Media, contains mutiple videos which have different codes and audios that have different formats. You can play MKV videos with common media players such as ZoomPlayer, Windows Media Player as long as you install a Matroska decoding program.

However, watching videos as entertainment is the only one foundamental demand for human society. Nowadays, more and more people are fond of sharing their videos on social application like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Thus many video makers have tried to search ways for sharing their MKV videos on YouTube but have difficulty in uploading. Usually they will get error message such as "Unable to Upload the Video", "File Format not Recognized" when uploading a MKV video. Therefore, it is very necessary to know the reasons why we can't upload MKV to YouTube. Next we will list two main reasons:

1. Video Format: Beware of your video format before uploading. YouTube only supports some of the video formats included MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM etc.(for reference). If you want to know more about YouTube supported format, please go to YouTube official website:

2. Video Size: Remenber that the size of each video can't be bigger than 128GB. If your video is bigger than this size, you may have difficulty in uploaing.

At this moment, many people are very keen to know some practical ways to solve the two problems above. Don't worry, we will show you a free way on uploading your MKV video today. Please continue reading this article.

Free Way to Convert MKV Video

Since we have already known the reasons that fail to upload MKV video and the formats supported by YouTube, to solve these problems, we would like to introduce a free MKV converter called VideoSolo Free Video Converter next. VideoSolo Free Video Converter, the software we recommend today, is such kind of a converter that succeed in converting mutiple video formats for us. It is the totally free and easy-to-use software.

It has more than 300 video/audio output formats for you to choose. Besides MP4 format, you can convert video to AVI, FLV format which are compatible with YouTube, too.

As to the size of your video, you can adjust the parameters of your video such as frame rate, video bitrate so as to meet the standard of a YouTube video.

How to Upload MKV Video to YouTube

How do we convert the MKV format to those formats supported by YouTube with this converter? See the tutorials below:

Step 1. Install and Launch

Select and download the proper version of this converter on your PC. After installation, launch it and a few seconds later the easy-to-use interface will pop up.

Step 2. Add Your MKV Video File(s)

Import your MKV video. Click the "Add File(s)" button and choose a MKV video from your local file. If you have a lot MKV videos needed to be converted, you can add several MKV videos at one time, which can not only help you save time, but also can finish your conversion in high efficiency.

Import Files

Step 3. Select An Output Format for Your MKV File(s)

Having added your video, choose an output format for it. For example, if you want to upload videos to YouTube, choose a MOV, AVI, FLV will be ok.

Choose Output MKV Video

Step 4. Set the Profile Settings of Your Video

If you think that your video need some enhancement, just set the "Profile Settings" of your video. Adjust the frame rate, bitrate and so on according to your preference.

Profile Settings

Step 5. Convert Your Video from MKV to MP4

Click the button "Convert" and your MKV file will soon be converted successfully in a few seconds.

Conversion Finished

After conversion, you can easily upload your video to YouTube without incompatibility anymore.

Know it Better:

VideoSolo Free Video Converter can not only help you convert MKV file, but also succeed in converting your video file to compatible with social network applications like Facebook, Instagram and so on. If you want to combine two video before uploading, you can even merge two or more video files into one with it. For example, you can merge two MKV videos into one before converting formats.

For those who are enthusiastic for social activities, with this converter, you can freely to upload your videos online and share with others.

Thanks for reading! we are eager to know your thoughts about this software. Just download and have a try!