With the development of the Internet technology, smart device and mobile application, lively GIF is booming. In social application, people use it to help them express their feelings when words and static images are not enough to describe the various moments.

When you watch a TV show or movie, you may be attracted by the exaggerated facial expression or action of the people and this may cause you to laugh due to the humor.Most of the people choose the way of converting videos to GIF animation to share interesting videos.

About VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter

Is there an easy way to make GIF? Yes, there is. Here I recommend VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter as your GIF assistant. It is a totally free software that enables you to convert more than 200+ video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, etc. to GIF. Comparing to Photoshop, it saves you lots of time, you don't need to learn Photoshop skills, just prepare the videos you want to convert and simply operate few steps to finish it.

A powerful built-in editor allows you to crop video and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue easily. If you don't allow your GIF to be commercially used, you can add watermark. Watermark can be words or pictures which make your GIF quite different. It also helps you customize the duration of GIF. Just pay attention to the clip function and choose exact part of video to make GIF or several parts of the video to merge into one GIF. The output GIF will be excellent quality.

How to Convert Videos to GIF

Step 1. Install and Launch the Converter

Install the converter which matches your computer system. Launch it, then click "Add File" to add videos one by one or choose a folder due to the function of batch conversion.

Add Files

Step 2. Clip Your Video into Several Segments

Clip the video and select duration. If you want to acquire several GIF from the same video, just click “New Clip” and you will find that it allows you collect different segments from one video. In the bottom of the interface, you also can choose "Merge into one file" after you finish the clipping.

Clip Your Video

Step 3. Set Parameters of the Profile

The function of "Profile Settings" enables you to adjust resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio and video bit rate according to your own requirements.

Set Parameters

Step 4. Edit File to Make GIF More Professional

Crop the files to capture the frames that is no watermark or other scenes you don't need. By choosing "Crop Area Size, Position of Crop Area or Zoom Mode" you can reach it.

Edit File

"Effect" allows you to make a choice of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. Skillfully use it will let you get better effect of GIF.


If you share your GIF on the Internet, and someone uses your GIF for commercial usage without your authorization, you can protect your rights and interests by adding watermark. Watermark can be designed as text or picture. To the right of the framework of text, you can select font and color of the text.

Add Watermark

Step 5. Convert Video to GIF

Check the settings you have made, then click "Convert" to finish the final step. You don’t need monitor the process all the time, just take a break, wait for your interesting GIF.

Convert Video to GIF

It is easy to use, right? It also supports you to make GIF offline. VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter is useful software you deserve it. Don’t hesitate anymore, start enjoying it.