As you may know, video tutorials can help you solve problems fast and easily. You can find these video tutorials on YouTube or any other popular video sharing websites.While on the other side, if you are an expert in your field and want to grow a YouTube channel, or give a gameplay tutorial to share with others or create a video of your screen for an online course, you need to record your screen firstly. Then, a video tutorial maker is perfect for this. How to make an instructional video with screen recording, read more to get your answer.

Unmissable! Record Your Screen to Make Video Tutorial with Ease As to record video tutorial, a great video tutorial maker is the key. Among mountains of screen recording software in the market, here I would like to highly recommend you VideoSolo Screen Recorder, which is a professional and powerful video tutorial maker to record tutorial. Below are a few of the specific video capture capabilities you'll find:

• Easily to create a detailed video tutorial on your computer.

• Capture webcam activity while you are recording a video tutorial.

• Basic video editing tools to polish the recorded video.

• Create high quality video tutorial with different output formats.

Step 1. Select Recording Area

Firstly, download and install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer then launch the program. Choose "Video Recorder" to enter into the window. According to the content you want to record, adjust a suitable recording region to include all the thing you would like to show the audience.

Select Recording Area

Step 2. Adjust Audio Settings

To create a video tutorial, you must make sure that your audience understand what you are doing. Here you can turn on the "System Audio" and "Microphone" to add some explanation to the tutorial to make it clearer. By the way, you are able to turn on the "Webcam" so that you can record all your real activity while recording the video tutorial.

Adjust Audio Settings

Step 3. Record Your Screen to Make Video Tutorial

When you finished all the settings, click on the "REC" icon to start recording. During recording the tutorial, you can make drawing or add annotations to the video according to your situation. In addition, you are able to take snapshot to save the frame or emphasize to your audience.

Record Screen to Make Video Tutorial

After the tutorial ends, you can click the "Stop" icon to preview the video. if you don't like it, you can throw it and "Re-record" the tutorial. If you are satisfied with such video tutorial, you can save it to your computer and upload it to the Internet as you like.

To Make Further Editing

How simple it is! With just three steps, you can create a detailed video tutorial for sharing with others. As for the video tutorial, some of you may want to make further edition to make it more unique. Well, VideoSolo EditFUN can help you make it great.

With this EditFUN software, you can add watermark to the video to make it more professional and convincing. Or, you can add more special effects to the video to make it more particular and appealing. Edit as you like, VideoSolo EditFUN will bring the inspiration to you. Just add your personal creation to the recorded video and make it alive, the software can totally meet your needs.


If you are still stuck in how to make a tutorial video by recording your screen, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the best for you to record video tutorial. This is an all-in-one video capture and editor with easy-to-use interface. You can record your screen to create the video tutorial as well as editing the video with some basic editing functions. There are various output formats for you to choose so that you can upload the video tutorial to the video sharing websites with suitable formats and high quality.