After purchasing Wii, which is a home video game console, I just want to play some of my own videos on it freely. Then how could I convert video to Wii format? Do I need some programs or other solutions to complete the job? Any advice would be appreciated.

Maybe you once encountered the similar trouble. The problem of playing videos on Wii undoubtedly has exercised many people in daily life. Then how could you do when you have touched a thorny difficult problem of videos playback on Wii? How to convert video to Wii format freely? These are pressing concerns.

Below is the simplest solution that reduces the cost and time to convert videos to Wii, considering sufficiently what is best from the user's perspective.

Everything about Wii & Its Supported Formats

What's Wii? It is a home video game console developed by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. There're two kinds of Wii models available so far including Wii and Wii U, which have appealed to many users because of their amazing game playing features.

For instance, Wii has introduced the Wii Remote controller that is the alternative to one conventional controller with a wand. With the Wii Remote controller, it could make Wii as the handheld pointing device to carry out the movement freely in the process of playing video games.

Even the features demanding our attention, you may still meet such trouble, you are unable to play any kinds of video on it smoothly like WAV, FLV and so on. Since that the device would only support the limited video formats like QuickTime MOV format, or AVI format (AVI), MP4 and DIVX. Then how to play videos like WMV, FLV video on Wii freely?

Simple Solution Convert Video to Wii Video Format

(1) Free Wii Video Converter

As a totally free Wii Video Converter, VideoSolo Free Video Converter is specially designed for you to convert almost all popular 300+ video/audio formats like MKV, FLV, M4V, XVID, DIVX and audios like MP3, AAC and so on to the video/audio formats that Wii is compatible with.

It also supports the batch conversion for you to handle the video files at one time as many as you can. Wii Video Converter could also convert the video files with the fastest speed to save both your time and labor.

If you want to create your own personalized videos like adjusting output video settings, managing video/audio effect and many more, the wonderful Wii Video Converter could finish the job perfectly. You could learn the guide in detail below.

(2) How to Convert Video to Wii Supported Video Format

Free download VideoSolo Free Video Converter on your desktop, install and open it directly.

Step 1. Add Video Files

Move your mouse and press the "Add Files" button at the middle part of its main interface. The video information would appear at the same window.

Add Video Files

Step 2. Choose the Wii Supported Video Format like MP4

If you want to convert video to Wii video format like MP4, then you could click on the "Output Format" icon to open one window where you could choose MP4 from the drop-down list. Click the "Output Folder" icon to select the output destination.

Choose Video Format

Step 3. Begin to Convert Video to Wii MP4 Video

Once you finish the output video settings, it's time to convert videos to Wii MP4 video by clicking the "Convert" button on the right corner of the main interface.

Converting Video

The whole conversion process would only cost several minutes. If you want to convert video to Wii format with high output quality, then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate could be your ideal choice. It is an all-around tool that combines the functions of DVD ripper and video converter. It not only allows to convert videos to play on Wii but also rip DVDs for playing on Wii freely.

How to Stream Video to Wii and Wii U for Play

(1) How to Stream Video to Wii for Play

After you have completed the converting job, you could stream video to Wii. The simple steps are listed below:

• Put your converted files on your desktop, and then transfer them to the SD memory card or USB.

• Next, insert the card into the Wii.

• Finally, play the converted video files on Wii by using the "Photo Channel" directly.

(2) How to Stream Video to Wii U for Play

When it comes to streaming video to Wii U for playing, you could follow the step below:

• Download and install media server Plex on your desktop

• Use Wii U device to play videos back on the TV or gamepad easily. The whole streaming steps are also very simple.

• Now you could enjoy the converted video files on Wii U anytime and anywhere.

Now we could draw the conclusion that VideoSolo Free Video Converter is the most cost-effective means of converting video to Wii video. Why don't try it? Experiencing it yourself is the best way to get your desired result.