Recording computer screen is an important task for gamers or educational experts, as it helps them to save the most wonderful and meaningful things they have done. Thus a good screen recorder is very crucial. While Bandicam is one of the best. As you may know, Bandicam is a popular screen recorder for Windows, people use it to create good quality video and record both videos and audio simultaneously. However, there are many Mac users ask for the Mac Bandicam version, but the answer is no. Luckily, there are perfect Mac Bandicam alternatives for you to record your desktop or gameplay on Mac. Read on to learn more.

The Best Bandicam for Mac Alternative - VideoSolo Screen Recorder

One of the best Bandicam for Mac alternatives is VideoSolo Screen Recorder, which can easily record screen and webcam video with high quality on Mac. What's more, it is simpler than Bandicam and very easy to use. Here below, I would like to introduce both of the programs, and you may take a look for their powerful main features.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is an expert in recording and capturing anything you want on Windows and Mac screen. When you launch the program, you may find that there you can choose "Video Recorder", "Audio Recorder" and "Screen Capture", you can click the right one according to your demand.

With the program, you are able to record live video and streaming video from YouTube, BBC, Facebook and any other popular sites. You can also save your gameplay video to share the victory moments with your friends or just record the whole gaming and analyze your failure and promote your game skills. What's more, you are allowed to enable the webcam and record all your activities on a live chat, conference or lessons.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder can also help you to record audio only. The program has an independent audio recorder, it can record all types of streaming music, radio or online audio and save as high-quality MP3, M4A or WMA audio track.


Bandicam is a very smart screen recording software, you can use it to capture your screen or gameplay to create video tutorials or gaming videos. With its Gaming Recording Mode, you are able to record gameplay footage and the content of your Windows Media Player, webcam, HDTV and lots of 3D applications.

In addition, there is Screen Recording Mode, which you can capture the computer screen with full content or the specific area of the screen. As for the Device Recording Mode, you can record any external devices like smart phone, webcam or even a console like XBOX or Playstation. As for the video resolution, Bandicam provides you about 20 options, you could choose with your needs.

How to Record Mac Screen with Bandicam Alternative

Both the Bandicam and VideoSolo Screen Recorder have powerful functions for recording screen. With Bandicam, you can record any Windows screen activities, while with VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can capture both Windows and Mac screen activities. Then how to use the Bandicam alternative to record Mac screen? Please check the following detailed steps.

Step 1. Choose Video Recorder

Download and install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your Mac, then launch the program. From the main interface, you may see four options "Video Recorder", "Webcam Recorder", "Audio Recorder" and "Screen Capture", choose "Video Recorder" to record the Mac screen activities.

Step 2. Adjust Recording Area

In the main interface of "Video Recorder", there shows 4 different buttons, from the first button, you are able to adjust the recording area. You can choose to record on-screen activities with full screen or custom region.

Change Other Settings

Then you can enable the "Webcam" icon so that you can record your live activities to the video. What's more, if you want to talk during the recording, you can also turn on the "Microphone" to record your voice.

Step 3. Start Recording Mac Screen

When all the settings are done, click on the "REC" button of the recorder to start recording your video. During the recording, you can take snapshot to save the images you like.

Start Recording Mac Screen

That's how you can record screen activities for your Mac. The reason why Bandicam is so popular among people is that it is very powerful, so as VideoSolo Screen Recorder. As the best alternative to Bandicam, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is very rich-featured and easy-to-use. Believe me, it is a great alternative to Bandicam. Try it yourself!