Q1.What is the difference between the trial version and full version of VideoSolo DVD Creator?

The trial version of VideoSolo DVD Creator has the following limitations: it will add watermark to your created DVD, it can only finish creating DVD for 3 times and it can only be used for 10 days. While the full version will have none of these limitations mentioned above.

Q2.After I purchased the program, how to register it?
Q3.What kind of DVD types does your program support?
Q4.Can I get an ISO file with your program so that I can use it on my virtual drive?
Q5.How to customize the menu of the output DVD?
Q6.How to add a subtitle/audio track into the DVD?
Q7.How to burn a DVD in 16:9?
Q8.What does "DVD Folder" mean?
Q9.What's an ISO file?
Q10.Can I burn DVD without menus?
Q11.Can I burn NTSC DVD or PAL DVD with VideoSolo DVD Creator?
Q12.What are the differences between DVD-5 and DVD-9?
Q13.How to fix when the program prompts "no driver found" message before burning?
Q14.How to fix "please insert a DVD" error?
Q15.What is "Temporary Files"?
Q16.When I click the "Burn" button on the main interface to burn a DVD, a message saying "There is not enough space on the disc. Please make sure there is twice the free size in the temporary folder as large as estimated output size" comes out. How to fix it?

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