You have saved your favorite movies on DVD, and now you just want to rip them to some other video formats like DivX for watching them on your journey. Furthermore, you still want to get the result converted video files with high quality. Then how can you get your desired output videos? Specifically, how to convert DVD to Divx/Xvid easily? Now let's take a closer look at the whole text carefully. And you may finally find that ripping DVD movie files very easy.

Overview of Divx & Xvid

Here I would not go into particulars about Divx/Xvid with the long and complex history. Divx and Xvid differ slightly from each other that it is difficult to reconcile them with several simple statements. While I would like to the simplest possible description of their origins and merits.

When PC videos become popular, Microsoft develops MPEG-4 encoder. It is much to be regretted that MPEG-4 encoder is the closed one. That's to say, people are not free to watch and edit the videos from it. It is a troubling thing puzzling among many people. Later some people break MPEG-4 encoder of Microsoft by themselves. And they develop another brand new encoder, that's the origin of Divx.

Despite the fact the technical origin of Divx is disgraceful, it still has received frequent usage for its merits like keeping the original edition, occupying much smaller space, more flexible and simpler operations and convenient transmission. DivX has gained popularity and spread widely among the internet and the pirated compact discs. The advantage of DivX is accepted by people much more.

Later Divx again languished for various reasons. Another new Xvid encoder comes up that greatly increase the function and efficiency. As one absolutely open source encoder, the growing number of people would like to put more time into study and devotion of Divx.

Generally speaking, Xvid has better video quality relatively than DivX while the compressing speed is lower. On the contrary, DIVX has faster compression speed than Xvid while has a lower video quality.

Here I just give a brief introduction of Divx/Xvid, which make you better know the origin and connection of them. And naturally, it comes to the problem why it's necessary for you to rip DVD to Divx/Xvid. Let's come to the next part.

Why You Rip DVD to Divx/Xvid

If you just have a large collection of DVD disks, then you may have many reasons to convert DVD to Divx/Xvid.

For example, you want to store the original DVD movies in case of damaging or destruction by converting DVD to high-quality Xvid videos on your hard drive.

Or you just want to extract the audio/music from one of your favorite DVD clips and play them on your portable device.

Or you are desired to compress videos on your DVD disc into smaller size essentially intact to the original video files as fast as possible.

Then it's very necessary for you to rip/convert DVD to Divx/Xvid for a whole host of reasons. The next part you could continue learning the tutorial on how to convert DVD to Divx/Xvid with the simple steps.

How to Convert DVD to Divx/Xvid Easily

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is one amazing tool for you to convert DVD movie files into DivX/Xvid video formats or some other popular video files with its easy-to-use interface.

The all-in-one software is also the perfect tool for you to convert between many popular video/audio formats. With its professional functions, you can get the best output video quality as you like.

Apart from that, you can safely free download it to convert and customize your favorite DVD movies by specifying your own desired videos. Then what you need to do is to read the guide below. Firstly, you should download and open the trial version of the program.

Step 1. Load DVD Movie Files

After you've launched the program, its main interface would appear below. Click the "Load Disc" button on the top bar to select and load DVD source files to the program. The great tool would meantime allow to preview the loaded DVD files.

Load DVD

Step 2. Choose DivX/Xvid as the Output Format

Move your mouse to the bottom left corner of the interface. Click the "Profile" icon to pop up one window where you could select DivX or Xvid under the "General Video" tab.

You could also choose the "Settings" icon to adjust video resolution, frame rate and so on. Click the "Browse" icon to set your desired output path for your final converted video files.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Begin Ripping DVD to DivX/Xvid

Return to the main interface now. Click the "Convert" button to start to rip DVD movie files to DivX/Xvid. The ripping speed usually depends on the DVD file size and your network condition.

When the whole ripping process is finished, it will pop up one window where you could find the final ripped files easily. Then you can use your DivX/Xvid files for various reasons.

Rip DVD to DivX

Frankly speaking, you may find that VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is such one user-friendly program in the running process. Many people are used to choosing some kind of free applications to do the job. Yet you may find that some problems more or less would come out during the process. While VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate could easily help you to relieve the anxiety and do the ripping/converting job as you like. Just go and download the software at once!