Do you have some DVDs containing precious videos? Have you ever worried about these DVDs may be scratched when you borrowed to your friends? Have you ever forgotten where you put these DVDs? If you have the similar problems mentioned above, then why not convert your DVD files to MOV? MOV files can be played in mainstream media players on Mac such as QuickTime player and most of the smartphones like iPhone.

As there are many DVD to MOV rippers in the market, you may don't know which conversion software to choose from. I highly recommend the best DVD to MOV converter: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. It is a functional program that can not only help you convert DVD to MOV on Mac but also edit videos and enhance video quality. By clicking the download icon below, you can download the conversion software on Mac easily.

Part 1. What is MOV Format

MOV, developed by Apple, is the filename extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format. MOV files commonly use the MPEG-4 codec for compression and may contain video, audio, timecode and text tracks. MOV files can be used to store and synchronize different types of media. Each media track either contains a digitally-encoded media stream or a data reference to the media stream located in another file.

In order to play MOV files, an application must be able to recognize the specific codecs used in the file. For Windows user, you can open MOV files by using programs such as QuickTime Player, Roxio Creator, Cyberlink Power Director, Power DVD and Adobe Flash. For Mac users, you use programs like QuickTime Player, Roxio Creator, and Adobe Flash to open MOV files.

Part 2. Why Convert DVD to MOV

Here are the main reasons for why to convert DVD to MOV.

1. For Mac users, QuickTime player is popular as it can play many videos and media from personal resource and Internet. But it can't play DVD files. So without DVD-ROM, you can't play DVD files on Mac. To watch DVD files on Mac, you need a DVD to MOV converter.

2. You may want to watch DVD movies during a trip, but you don't have any devices to play DVD. If you convert DVD to MOV files, then you can watch at any time.

3. If you want to share DVD files with your friends, it's inconvenient to give them DVDs. It would be much easier to send them MOV files.

Part 3. How to Convert DVD to MOV on Mac

Step 1. Add DVD Files

After installing VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, insert a DVD which you want to convert to MOV format into your Mac's DVD-ROM. Then find "Load Disc" icon at the top left corner, click it to upload DVD files.

Add DVD Files

Step 2. Select Output Format

Click "Profile" at the bottom and then you will see a pop-up list. Select "MOV" format from General Video list as output format.

Tip: You can also click the "video" icon at the left side of each DVD files or click "setting" icon to select output format.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Enhance Videos Quality & Set Parameters (Optional)

At the top, you can find "Video Enhance", "Clip", "3D" and "Edit" icon. To have better quality, I recommend you to enhance your video quality by trying those functions.

Enhance Video

In addition to that, if you like to change basic parameters of output videos, click "settings" icon at the bottom to adjust video and audio parameters including resolution, frame rate, audio bitrate, etc. Or you can click "Save as..." icon to change the output file name as you like. After all settled, click "OK" icon to back to the main interface.

Step 4. Converting DVD Files

Before converting, you can set the destination folder as you want. At last, all you need to do is to click "Convert" icon to convert DVD files to MOV files. Once the conversion is done, you can find the output files in the destination folder.

Tip: Before converting DVD files to MOV files, you can preview the videos. If you are not satisfied with the effect, then you can re-edit.

Ripping DVD Files

As you can see, with the best DVD to MOV converter: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, you can convert DVD to MOV easily and quickly. What's more, with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, you can also convert video and audio files to over 300 formats and devices such as convert 2D Movies to VR Videos. So why not download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate?